Talk about earning your reward. With Fan Appreciation Day taking place at Redskins Training Camp on Saturday, Richmond was filled with many eager fans hoping to snag an autograph or a piece of memorabilia from a player. Case Keenum was happy to oblige, but with a little twist.

Before he would hand out some of his gear from practice, Keenum decided to quiz the kids (no adults allowed) that swarmed him as he approached. With three items to offer --- a wristband, a towel and a football --- the questions increased in difficulty.

First up, where did Keenum play last season? That one seemed to be well-known, as many screams of "Denver" filled the air and a wristband was rewarded.

Second question: Where did he play the year before that? The fans once again delivered with "Vikings" and one lucky kid received his towel.

But, that third question had the group a little stumped. Keenum asked where he went to school, and no one had an answer at first. A few random universities were mentioned, and some clever fans interjected with "college", but the question remained unanswered.

Finally, a voice chimed in with "Houston" and earned himself a football.

A new way to interact with fans, those in attendance got their souvenirs and autographs while getting to know their QB a little better.