Dwayne Haskins led the Redskins to a win on Sunday against the Lions, which will go down as his first career win in the NFL. 

Oddly enough, though, Haskins wasn’t the one to take the final kneel down when Washington went into victory formation with a few seconds left in the fourth quarter. Instead, Case Keenum was the one on the field to close things out on the last snap. 

“We were looking for [Dwayne],” Bill Callahan told reporters afterward. “I think he thought the game was over.”

Callahan spoke with somewhat of a light-hearted tone, but for a guy who's obsessed with details, it likely rankled him quite a bit.

“I don’t laugh at it,” the coach said when asked a follow-up question about whether it was a harmless accident or something worth being concerned about. “I’m happy we won. We’ll address that.”

The broadcast caught Haskins posing for pictures with fans as the clock was winding down:

“‪I was so hype,” Haskins said when it was his turn at the postgame podium. “I think I broke a water bottle. I look up and we’re in victory [formation]. I’ll get it next time.”

Haskins was very uneven and inaccurate until the Redskins needed him to step up in the closing moments. His best throw of the afternoon was an intermediate shot to Terry McLaurin to set up Dustin Hopkins’ game-winning field goal. He finished his third pro start going 13-of-29 for 156 yards with a pick. 


However, as is typically the case with this franchise, not all of the attention could be devoted strictly to what happened in the game. Haskins’ absence on the last snap, in fact, may just overshadow what he did on all the others.