Washington Football

Washington Football

When the Washington football team’s press release came out Monday morning featuring the old logo and “Redskins” name bolded on the letterhead, fans and team insiders alike weren’t impressed.

On 106.7 The Fan’s Sports Junkies talk show Monday morning, Eric Bickel, Jason Bishop and John-Paul Flaim gave their thoughts on the team’s announcement they would retire the name “Redskins” and the corresponding logo after conducting a thorough review the past 10 days.

“It’s still under the ‘Redskins’ logo,” Bickel said. “With everything –– statement from the ‘Washington Redskins’ football team. The ‘Washington Redskins’ Inova Sports Performance Center at ‘Redskins Park.’ They haven’t taken any of that stuff out of their team statement. It’s kind of bizarre. And no new name.”

By not removing the previous logo and name, the Bickel saw this announcement as pointless, especially because it failed to add any new information that fans didn’t already know.

“It makes me feel a little empty inside,” Flaim added. “We already knew they were going to move on from the name. All this is, is just an official acknowledgment. It leaves me feeling a little empty inside that they aren’t going to the next step.”

After Mike Jones of USA TODAY reported that the team would unveil its new name on Monday, many fans were eager to see the change be officially made. The statement declaring a change would occur in the future was rather anticlimactic.



Instead, the Sports Junkies interpreted the statement as a response to pacify sponsors like FedEx, which it ultimately did when the organization released a statement to show their appreciation for the change. 

Bickel, Flaim and Bishop agreed it was overly hopeful for fans to expect a name change this quickly since the team has likely not had the time to conduct proper market research for a replacement. 

“I just found it impossible to believe that Dan [Snyder] could be won over by a name life Red Wolves in the past three or four days,” Bickel said.

Finally, the Sports Junkies were taken aback by the team’s decision to include head coach Ron Rivera as a decision-maker in this process. The statement read, “Dan Snyder and Coach Rivera are working closely to develop a new name and design approach that will enhance the standing of our proud, tradition rich franchise and inspire our sponsors, fans and community for the next 100 years.” 

But Bishop was not impressed by this decision.

“I wouldn’t want my head coach really worrying about this,” he said. “I would want my head coach worrying about how we’re going to score touchdowns. I don’t know why Rivera is so involved.”

While the statement certainly showed the team is taking steps toward meaningful change, Bishop, Bickel and Flaim were unconvinced that the change will occur anytime soon.

“You can expect to see the name, the logo and the colors for at least the next year, that’s what this tells me,” Bishop said.


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