Washington Football

Washington Football

With Washington's name change appearing rather imminent, a few potential replacement monikers have risen to the forefront, with Warriors, Redtails and Red Wolves leading the way.

But of all the potential new names, perhaps none has gained more traction over the past week than the Red Wolves. In a movement led by former Washington cornerback Fred Smoot, the Red Wolves name has gained a tremendous amount of popularity on social media, and additionally, plenty of support by fans and current players, too.

While everyone waits for the team to announce its new name, several fans have gone the extra mile and created mock-up designs of a potential Red Wolves logo. On Sunday, the Instagram account @DCSportsXP dropped its latest Red Wolves design, and calling it phenomenal would be an understatement.

On the surface, this design looks rather simple. But take a second look, and there's plenty of specific details in the mock-up that represents the city of Washington, D.C. very well.

The 'W' font is a slight nod to - and reminiscent of - the Washington Capitals' popular 'weagle' logo that merges a W and an eagle. And the middle point of the letter is shaped to the design of the United States Capitol building. Additionally, the three stars are a tribute to the Washington, D.C. flag.

Lastly, and perhaps the most impressive part of the design, is how the actual Red Wolf is used. As you can see, the howling wolf is in the lower center of the design, sculpted within the 'W.' It's subtle at first, but very noticeable on second look. This is a different take than other Red Wolves attempts which feature a more real-to-life wolf instead of a silhouette. 



With Washington reportedly planning to retire its current moniker on Monday, a logo change is certainly coming, too. And there might be no better place to start looking than this design.

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