Near the end of a Thursday discussion on the Redskins Talk podcast at the Super Bowl, JP Finlay gave Bruce Allen the chance to speak to Burgundy and Gold fans.

Those fans, of course, are the ones who are growing more and more upset with Dan Snyder, Allen and Jay Gruden's team. Washington doesn't have a playoff win since 2005 and last year, declining attendance at FedEx Field became a major storyline.

Allen, for one, explained that he's as disappointed as the people who are devoted to the 'Skins.

"We share the same frustration," he said.

"The Tennessee game, we had the chance to close it. The Cowboys game, we turned it over and allowed some big plays on defense. That is frustrating."

That's about all the looking back Allen participated in, however. Instead, the team president — who a handful of days ago stated multiple times that the Redskins are "close" to finding success — kept it optimistic.

"We just got to keep focused on what is real," Allen told the Redskins Talk podcast. "What's real is getting our players healthy right now. Jay's done a good job of giving a new coaching staff to our players. We've got to attack March and the offseason program with all the spirit and all the blood in us to win."

This was Allen's second time dealing with the media in the past few weeks, a good development after months and months of silence. But the fans he addressed while on the pod care far more about how he's going to improve his 59-84-1 record than what he's saying behind a microphone, and he knows a well-executed offseason is critical.