While it remains uncertain how long COVID-19 will disrupt our lives, most everyone has more time on our hands than ever. There is still work to be done, we’re just having to learn how to do it remotely. 

The same can be said for the Redskins. NFL free Agency is pretty much the only sporting event not postponed.  Working the phones to make deals is expected, but never has it been used at this level. The majority of the Redskins staff has been out of the office in Ashburn for days now.  Only a small group is allowed into Redskins Park, but even then they are sequestered in separate rooms. It is the new norm of social distancing.  So no outsiders… or players. The only way a player can get in is for rehab. Even then extra precautions are being taken to make sure protocol is followed.   

So how are some of the guys passing the time? Well, the same as you and me. Watching more TV than normal and looking for ways to stay active. Tim Settle said the only time he leaves his house is to walk his dog. Workouts are nowdone inside. And with restaurants closed, the defensive tackle is changing up his diet and working on his cooking skills. Mix in a little Call of Duty and you find a new way of life in the “offseason”.

Steven Sims is in a pretty similar situation. The wide receiver says he’s been watching a lot of movies and going old school, spending a lot of time  bonding and talking with family while enjoying watching his young son run around.


Offensive guard Wes Martin, who was recently married, had the idea to post on his Instagram account “Catch fish, not Corona.” Defensive lineman Daron Payne is showing his appreciation for those who have to work to help keep us safe by giving away a signed jersey.

It’s a most unusual time for all of us, NFL players included. Be smart and safe and let’s follow the advice of Redskins running back Adrian Peterson: “One day at a time”.

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