In what may be the least surprising development in the history of developments, Redskins Vice President of Player Personnel Kyle Smith faced a few questions about Chase Young on Tuesday at the NFL Combine.

One such query was aimed at getting Smith to pinpoint what most stands out about the Ohio State edge force. Smith was more than happy to answer, but he didn't exactly pinpoint anything specific.

"I think everything," he told the assembled media in Indianapolis. "He's got measurables, he's got production, he plays hard. So those are all good qualities to have as a pass rusher."

That response syncs up with essentially everyone else's review of Young's skill set.

An Ohio State beat writer told the Redskins Talk podcast Young is "pretty much a finished product." Terry McLaurin, who shared the field with Young for the Buckeyes, thinks the defender has the same intangibles and gifts of the Bosa brothers. Dwayne Haskins, another ex-teammate of the 20-year-old, has used the term "game-wrecker."

As for Smith's take, he's been able to closely monitor Young for a while now. While the executive was recently elevated after Ron Rivera's hiring to a new position that puts him in charge of both college and pro evaluation, he had been solely on the college side before then.


So, he's likely been looking into Young longer than most, an effort that's clearly ramping up now considering Washington's draft position.

"I've made school calls on a lot of these guys, him included," Smith said. "I've seen him live, I've seen him in person, watched his tape, talked to the coaches, all the deal. I've done the whole background stuff and I've heard great things about him. They talk highly of him there."

But, like any other skilled NFL decision-maker would, Smith made sure to stop short of shedding any real light on the Redskins' plans for late-April.

"He is one of a lot of players — it's a good draft," he said. "I mean, there's a lot of really good players that'll be in consideration."

Yes, there's a lot of really good players, and the Burgundy and Gold should be examining each and every one of them. That said, there's only one Chase Young, and if others in the organization share Smith's opinion that Young has "everything," then expect the Redskins to ignore all incoming calls and make him the first selection of the Rivera era.