Adam Schefter knows football, and he knows what it takes to get trades done in the NFL. That means his belief that the Redskins will need more than a first-round pick to move Trent Williams holds a lot of weight.

Tuesday morning on The Team 980, Schefter explained that should Washington decide to move Williams, the team would expect back quite a haul of draft picks. 

"Do I think if the Redskins ever were to deal Trent Williams they would get a 1 [first-round draft pick]? Absolutely," Schefter said on The Kevin Sheehan Show. "And you know what, by the way, I don' think they trade him for anything less than something like that ever. I mean, why would you? You're talking about a seven-time pro bowl left tackle, who's 31."

Schefter comments speak to the real value that Williams holds around the league. He's considered one of the best left tackles in football, if not the best one. Even in a contract holdout, his skillset would command a lot on the open market. 

"If I’m the Redskins there’s no chance, no chance that I would ever be trading Trent Williams for at least a one," Schefter said. 

The best comparison to the current Williams situation comes from the early 1990s when Gary Zimmerman wanted out of Minnesota. Schefter explained that Denver gave up a first, second and sixth-round pick to acquire Zimmerman, who is now in the Hall of Fame. Williams could certainly be on a similar career track, and Schefter thinks the compensation to acquire the Redskins left tackle will resemble that of the 1993 trade that landed John Elway the left tackle that would finally help him win a Super Bowl. 


One idea that gained steam Tuesday night was a player swap with Houston for defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. 

While Williams would certainly give the Texans an upgrade at left tackle, the deal doesn't make much more sense after that. Clowney is only under contract for 2019, and on the franchise tag, he actually carries a higher cap number than Williams. Besides, with Ryan Kerrigan and Montez Sweat, the Redskins don't need for pass-rush help. Now if Houston offered Clowney and a pick, getting the compensation package more similar to Schefter's design, that would change things dramatically, but that seems far fetched. Clowney is a very good player in his own right.

Still, it will be interesting what the deals look like for Williams. The Redskins might not be seriously considering a trade right now, but that can change. Especially if a Zimmerman offer shows up.