RICHMOND — Trent Williams' jersey finally appeared at Redskins training camp on Sunday. Problem was, Morgan Moses was the one who was wearing it.

After the team's fourth practice, Moses took his turn at the podium to answer questions from the media. That's when he emerged donning No. 71's white uniform, and he was even kind enough to act like the left tackle during the press conference's first few exchanges.

"I just asked for a couple of pizzas and a Pepsi," pretend Williams explained. "It didn't work out, but I'm here now so that's all that matters. It's time to get ready for the Eagles Week 1." 

It was well-executed by Moses and certainly quite the contrast to the report that came out just before the presser claiming Williams' relationship with Washington is "totally fractured." Eventually, though, he got serious and discussed the situation that's been a distraction for the Burgundy and Gold all summer long. 

"I mean, I expect him to come back," Moses said. "He loves football, just like every one of us does. I am pretty sure he wants to be here. Obviously, he has to figure out some things and they have to figure out some things that are above my pay grade. Once they figure that out, he'll be here."

Multiple times, Moses expressed optimism about Williams' return and told reporters he's been in touch with his teammate a good amount. Of course, when you match that up with CBS' report that Williams never intends to suit up for the Redskins again, it's difficult to nail down who to believe.


Well, if you're (understandably) lost, just consider this: It'd be weird for Moses to be so adamant that Williams will at some point take his spot along the line if he knew from talking to Williams that the Pro Bowler truly had no intention of doing so. If that was the case, Moses could be less detailed and use more general cliches when pressed about the topic. But he's remaining optimistic and open.

Overall, it feels like this holdout isn't coming to an end anytime soon, so Sunday might be the last time for a while you see Williams' name and number here. In fact, there's a chance it carries into the regular season. Yet Moses doesn't see that being the outcome, and thinks that when Williams re-joins the franchise, it'll be a smooth reunion.

"I just know when he gets here we're going to welcome him with open arms," he said. "He's our brother. We love him. When he gets here, we'll rock out."