Washington Football

Washington Football

Being an NFL cornerback is a little like living in California: If you do it long enough, you're going to come across your fair share of famous and talented people.

DeAngelo Hall, who had a 14-year career in the NFL, knows that better than just about anyone. And during a recent segment on NFL Network's Good Morning Football show, he proved it.

The longtime Redskins defensive back was asked to share the five best pass catchers he faced while he was playing in the league. Before he started going down his list, Hall told his cohosts, "There has not been a shortage of dope receivers that I have covered."

Well, after you're done reading about the five stars he identified below, you'll realize just how true Hall's statement is.

5) Steve Smith

"Steve Smith, man, it is definitely about the size of the fight in the dog, because that dude brought the best out of me. We used to go hang out at each other's houses before the game and my mom said, 'Hey man, don't be hanging out with that kid, because he's out there trying to destroy you.' And that was Steve's mentality."

4) Larry Fitzgerald

"We have been battling since college, him at Pittsburgh and me at Virginia Tech. Fitz was just the most complete receiver... Fitz probably has the best hands out of any receiver I've ever covered. No matter where you are on the field, Fitz has a chance to go up and get that football."



3) Marvin Harrison

"I don't have a lot of clips of me covering Marvin Harrison, but I can just remember this dude could run every route... Marvin Harrison just intimidated me so much. And he's such a little dude! But when he put his hands on me, I could not get off."

2) Terrell Owens

"Being a young dude, 21 years old, having to go out here and cover T.O. in that first Monday night game, I really put my name on the map. T.O. was just able to do everything. Just a big, physical receiver."

1) Randy Moss

"The man, the myth and the legend. I came out of college running a 4.2 [40-yard dash] and that dude ran right past me... Randy ran every route. I think a lot of people might know Randy for his speed, his deep ball speed... but the dude ran every single route."