RICHMOND — The Redskins practiced in mid-80s temperatures on Monday, and it felt worse on the field due to a nice helping of humidity. If you looked at some of the players, however, you'd think it was November back in Ashburn.

That's because a sizable chunk of the roster went through drills and 11-on-11 work wearing long sleeves or sweatshirts under their jerseys. Plenty of guys, from linemen like Morgan Moses to defensive backs such as Landon Collins, opted for extra layers despite the fact that it was steamy here. And that's been a trend all camp.

So, what's the deal? It turns out each Redskin has his own reason.

Take Deshazor Everett, for example. The fifth-year safety was donning black sleeves under his burgundy uniform and, after the session, explained why.

"I got like three bands of tattoos on my body, so I just try to preserve them as long as I can," he said.

You'd think some athletes would wear more to lose more weight. That could be one factor for others, but Everett mentioned he drops plenty in the summer already.

Undrafted rookie receiver Steven Sims, meanwhile, had a different response. The pass-catcher was rocking a loose and long white shirt beneath his No. 15 because, according to him, it actually helps combat the heat.

"I learned a trick a long time ago back at home," Sims said. "Wear long sleeves, it keeps you cool when you start sweating."

So, you've got one somewhat cosmetic motivation and one focused on feeling the best during live action. Ex-Redskin Santana Moss, on the other hand, made the switch from bare arms to covered arms to improve his actual performance.


Early on in Washington, Moss played with a few elbow bands but never anything more. Then, in one game, a pass slipped through his arms and was intercepted. From that point forward, the speedster chose to suit up in tight sleeves -- no matter the weather.

Not everyone is in on the movement, though. Trey Quinn is one member of the team who's never layered up, and he has a few thoughts on why he falls on that side. 

One is football-based.

"I don't like catching punts with cloth on my forearm. I feel like I get better stick."

The other is, um, life-based.

"I show my guns off, to be honest with you. I know there are a lot of good looking ladies out here. They want to see some biceps, triceps. I don't do this for nothing."