The Washington Redskins began taking necessary steps to solve their quarterback problem Thursday by reportedly agreeing to a deal with the Denver Broncos for Case Keenum.

An undrafted rookie out of Houston in 2012, Keenum has called several teams home along the way, most notably leading the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship game in 2018. Now he heads to D.C. in a deal that seems like a good fit for both sides.

The added layer to this trade is that the Redskins may not be done trading for a QB. Acquiring Keenum only cost the Redskins $3.5 million and a 2020 sixth round pick for a seventh, meaning they have money to spend elsewhere or even trade Keenum for another quarterback. Maybe one by the name of Josh Rosen?

Former NFL quarterback and NFL analyst Dan Orlovsky explained to 106.7 The Fan's Sports Junkies how Rosen would fit within the Redskins' offensive scheme.

"I do think that Rosen is very good in the play-action game," Orlovsky said. "The challenge of the play-action game is to do it really well you've got to have a very sharp mind because you're turning your back to the defense...and when you go back last year, most of Rosen's success in Arizona was part of the play-action game. I know Jay [Gruden] likes the play-action game, and so I do think there is that marriage there. Like i said, he's young enough where you can shape this player to being what you want him to be."


In his rookie season with the Cardinals, Rosen never really broke through as a force to be reckoned with. Through 14 games he was 217-for-393 (55.2%) for 2,278 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions while being sacked 45 times..

"Here's the reality, Josh Rosen, like any other quarterback, he needs some kind of structure, Orlovsky added. "If it happens, this would be his sixth offense in five years. That's incredibly difficult for any player - a kicker - let alone the most important position in the NFL. So, the big thing is getting him to a place, whether it's Arizona and there is no draft pick for Kyler Murray, or get him into a place where you go, 'Alright take a deep breath and breath. You're going to be here and so are these people around you for the next couple of years. Let's allow you to really blossom under the same type of system, same type of coaching, same type of voice."