Washington Football

Washington Football

On Monday morning, Washington released a three-paragraph statement indicating that they are prepared to retire the Redskins name and logo once they complete their review and settle on their replacement name.

To some, that's all the statement really explained. To ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio, however, there was much more to take away.

The longtime NFL analyst had the opportunity to elaborate on that opinion while on with the Redskins Talk podcast.

"Well, frankly, my reaction after I had the chance to think about it was: this is one final act of defiance by Daniel Snyder," Florio said.

"Basically, why are you saying, 'We're going to retire the name later when we have a new name?'" he continued. "You're acknowledging that this name has to go, but you're keeping this name in place. And the name was plastered all over the press release, and the logo was plastered on the press release. Why are you not just abandoning the name now?"

To Florio's point, the word "Redskins" was used multiple times in the team's statement, which was put out on a letterhead that also featured their logo. Not just Florio was confused by that, either.

And while a team spokesman later clarified that the franchise is "still the Redskins" until Snyder and Ron Rivera settle on their next choice, Florio remained miffed at it all.


"The thinking was the name would be gone today, not an announcement that the name will eventually be gone, but the name would be gone today," he said.


Florio believes — and he was sure to describe this as speculation — that Snyder "decided" he wasn't "going to put away" the label that the organization has known for more than 80 years for good until the next one is ready.

So, for the time being, they'll exist in a weird, in-between world where the word and logo are "retired" instead of legitimately retired. 

As for when there will be some true finality in this situation, Florio expects it to come sooner due to how Monday's events unfolded.

"I think this half measure that was announced today is only going to make those people more determined to get [Snyder] to get this done ASAP," he said. "Get rid of that name. I just don't think it's sustainable to say to the world, 'We have to move on from this name, we'll just do it at some point down the road and we'll let you know when that happens.' So I think it's only going to increase the pressure."

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