Redskins fans don't often need a reason to connect a free agent to their team — Hey, look, that guy is available and he played three games in Cincinnati last year and caught a long pass once, should Washington sign him!? — but when it comes to Jason Peters, there are legitimate factors pointing to why he'd be a sensible acquisition.

The main one, of course, is that the Burgundy and Gold no longer employs Trent Williams. Sure, they're optimistic about what Saahdiq Charles could provide, but the reality is between Charles and Cornelius Lucas, they have a fourth-round pick and a minor free agent addition slated to play at left tackle. Peters would be another reinforcement.

In addition to that, the Redskins just went the aging veteran route at the position and experienced decent results with that strategy, too. Last year, when it was clear Williams wasn't going to suit up at all, the organization brought in Donald Penn and watched him hold things down for the most part on the edge. Peters could potentially do the same in 2020.

However, despite those signs, there are also a few possible snags to a Peters-Redskins partnership, and NBC Sports Philadelphia's Eagles reporter Dave Zangaro highlighed them in his recent appearance on the Redskins Talk podcast. The first one is a doozy.

"I don't know if that's a great relationship fit based on him and Trent Williams sharing an agent," Zangaro said.



Yep. Turns out, Vince Taylor reps both Williams and Peters. With the way things ended between the agent, Williams and the Redskins — and the way Taylor called out the franchise multiple times — it'd be surprising if Taylor immediately turned around and negotiated a deal between Peters and Washington.

Now, that doesn't mean it can't happen. If Peters wants to move down the road in the NFC East, he'll likely get his way. But it does present an interesting dilemma.

As for the second snag, Zangaro believes a return to Philadelphia remains in play for the 38-year-old lineman.

"The knowledge I have of Jason Peters and the Eagles is that's still a possibility," Zangaro told Redskins Talk. "When he became a free agent in March, they kind of said, 'We'll keep in touch, we'll see how this goes.' And that's where they are right now. Still a possibility he ends up in Philly."

So, Peters and the Redskins linking up in 2020 clearly has merit, but Peters and the Redskins not linking up in 2020 perhaps has more. 

With all offseason activity on hold for now, the nine-time Pro Bowler can take his time when it comes to inking his next contract. And regardless of where that contract is inked, Zangaro thinks Peters can still contribute on it.

"I don't know if he'll give you 16 games, I don't know if he'll play every snap," Zangaro said. "But when he's out there, he's still a pretty good player."