The Redskins were the lone team in the NFL last year who failed to average at least 17 points per game. That’s a really, really low bar, and yet they still couldn’t clear it.

Well, on Friday night, Washington took a step toward ensuring they’re a little more explosive and sudden on offense in the future by taking Memphis playmaker Antonio Gibson 66th overall in the draft.

Gibson may not be the most household of names, and part of that is because he spent two seasons at a community college and didn’t start to excel as a Tiger until his senior year. 

In 2019, though, the kid was a problem for opposing defenses. 

Gibson is listed as a receiver, but he nearly had as many carries (33) as he did catches (38) in his final campaign for Memphis. Of those 71 touches, 12 ended with him standing in the end zone. That’s an absurd ratio and it indicates just how dangerous he is when he’s got the ball. Equally absurd: Those 71 touches went for an average of 15.5 yards.

The Burgundy and Gold certainly crave more field-flipping and scoring plays. Gibson should be able to provide both. But the idea that the two of them could be a perfect match goes beyond just that.



Scott Turner is now Washington’s offensive coordinator, with the ex-Panthers assistant fresh off of a few years of seeing what Christian McCaffrey could do for Carolina. There’s no doubt he’s already scheming up ways to get Gibson involved in a similar manner.

Now, McCaffrey was obviously a much higher draft choice than Gibson and is someone who’s already proven to be one of the sport’s most dynamic stars. Expecting Gibson to be half of McCaffrey, let alone match him, is far too much, even in April when optimism is as available as oxygen.

But still, the point remains that Gibson will find himself under a coach who flat out knows how to put his versatile options in a place to succeed. Gibson doesn’t need to be McCaffrey, per se; he only needs to be Gibson. That alone should make his first taste of the NFL a productive one.

“I view myself as a weapon,” the 21-year-old said shortly after officially becoming a Redskin. 

That’s a simple evaluation, but football can be a simple game sometimes. The objective is to score touchdowns, and Gibson should help the Redskins in that area right away.

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