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Why the Redskins did what they did in free agency, as explained by Ron Rivera

Why the Redskins did what they did in free agency, as explained by Ron Rivera

While Ron Rivera surely hopes his tenure with the Redskins lasts a long time, most of the free agents the coach brought in before his first season are joining his team on short-term deals.

Aside from Kendall Fuller and Wes Schweitzer, every single player Washington signed in March agreed to one- or two-year contracts. Even Schweitzer's deal, though technically three seasons in length, is effectively of the one-year variety, too.

On a Tuesday conference call with reporters, Rivera explained why the Burgundy and Gold went with that approach in free agency.

"A lot of these guys want to come in and say, ‘Hey give me an opportunity to compete, let me prove myself,'" Rivera told the media. " I love that guys are betting on themselves, that they’re going to come in and prove that they belong, that they deserve an extensive contract."

Rivera's only been in charge of the Redskins since the start of January, but it's already more than clear he loves competition. In fact, you can call him obsessed.

So while additions like JD McKissic, Cornelius Lucas and Logan Thomas aren't the familiar names many fans were likely hoping for, Rivera and VP of Player Personnel Kyle Smith appear content with throwing all of them onto the field next to the current roster and seeing who ultimately rises to the occasion. The ensuing battle to survive through the preseason may be cage match-y, minus the chairs.


Now, this haul would be very different if the Redskins were successful in their push to land Amari Cooper. He would've cost the organization a "substantial" amount of cash and secured more money a year than a handful of their eventual signings will combined.

In the end, though, Cooper remained in Dallas and the Cowboys' rival was a lot quieter overall. But if Rivera's instincts come through, he does expect at least a few of his acquisitions to make some noise for their new franchise.

"One of the things that we tried to do when I was in Carolina, we looked at guys and IDed guys that were on the cusp of becoming solid starters," he said Tuesday. "Not a flash in the pan type guy that you’re hoping for, but a guy who’s done it steadily over a couple of years. We IDed a few of those guys and we went out and brought those guys in and had them become a part of our football team."

That kind of description seems to apply to defenders like Sean Davis and Ronald Darby, among others. If healthy, coached up and focused, those are some lesser-known names around the league who could deliver for Rivera and his staff.

In summing up the Redskins' plan for this portion of the NFL calendar, the 58-year-old was sure to point out that he's viewing this rebuild as a real project as opposed to a quick fix. It's like he's wearing binoculars when scoping out his end goals, not glasses.

That's one more reason he's pleased with what was accomplished the past few weeks. Once 2020 wraps up, he'll be ready to figure out which short-term options deserve to stick and which don't. 2020 itself isn't necessarily the primary objective.

"We think it’s a good mix right now," Rivera said. "Again, as we develop and grow, it’s not going to happen overnight. That’s one of the things that we feel we have: more time to be patient and develop these guys.”

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There are a ton of creative Redskins jersey mock-ups on Twitter, so let's rank them

There are a ton of creative Redskins jersey mock-ups on Twitter, so let's rank them

It's a Saturday in early June and live major sports haven't happened in like nine years. That means it's the perfect time to rank Redskins jerseys.

There's a twist to this set of rankings, though — the threads you're about to see don't even exist. Trippy, right?

While Ron Rivera is changing just about everything about his new franchise, it sure seems like Washington's uniforms aren't getting any sort of update. But that hasn't stopped tons of Twitter users from coming up with some very interesting mock-ups.

So, here's a list of some of the more notable ones that are out there, starting with the worst and working up to the sweetest.

What, you have something better to do this weekend than check out hypothetical unis? Course you don't. Get to scrolling...

6) Here, the Burgundy and Gold becomes the Gold and Gray/Grey (why does such a boring color have multiple spellings?):

No thanks. Analysis over. Moving on.

5) OK, so the look above is really the only heinous one. The rest, starting with this white-on-white proposal, are all varying levels of fresh:

The white facemask in this mock-up is a subtle yet excellent idea, because white facemasks always work. The simple number with no trim is nice, too.

The problem here, though, is that Dwayne Haskins appears like he's taking snaps for USC and not the Redskins. This is a solid concept, yet one that still needs some adjustments to make it top-notch.


4) The selling point for No. 4 is that it brings back the beloved spear, then puts the beloved spear on a matte helmet:

The rest is fine, but the helmet on its own is a 24/10. 

3) This ensemble delivers, as it gives off some serious Capitals-at-the-2015-Winter-Classic vibes:

Some fans seemed to get upset over the inclusion of some Cowboys-like stars (nothing like getting mad over something that isn't real!), but overall, this is sharp, even though it's not that complex. 

2) Bruce Allen was never pro-Color Rush (or pro-winning games), so the Redskins never got close to wearing gold jerseys. If they ever did in the future, however, hopefully they'd be as gorgeous as these:

The DC flag on the shoulders is dope and, yep, so is the white facemask. Unfortunately, this creation just barely lost out to the winner of this theoretical list.   

1) Here's a uniform that would feel totally new and throwback at the same time:

That helmet? Beautiful. The grey facemask? Nailed it. The gold on the shoulders? Uh-huh. The white numbers with no outline? Yes please.

In all, this is a perfect design, and one that would make every contest more pleasurable to watch. Even the ones that end with mostly visiting fans having a party at FedEx Field. 


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WATCH: Dwayne Haskins throws a dart to Steven Sims during Friday workout

WATCH: Dwayne Haskins throws a dart to Steven Sims during Friday workout

While coaches and staffs across the NFL were allowed to report to team facilities for the first time in months on Friday, the league has yet to allow players to return just yet.

But not being able to work out at Redskins Park has not stopped second-year quarterback Dwayne Haskins and some of his receivers from getting some work together during this pandemic-ridden offseason. Just last week, the QB posted a picture of him with three of his fellow second-year veterans, wideouts Terry McLaurin, Steven Sims Jr. and Kelvin Harmon.

On Friday, Haskins was seen throwing deep passes to Sims, and popular burgundy and gold fan page Redskins Today reposted the footage on Twitter.


On this route, Haskins hits Sims perfectly in stride on a vertical route down the seam, and the second-year receiver caught the pass perfectly in stride. Sims had a fantastic end to the 2019 season and the undrafted wideout could play a much bigger role for Washington next season.

Haskins, too, is expected to make a significant jump in his second season. New Redskins head coach Ron Rivera has stated he intends to enter training camp with Haskins as the starter, and the quarterback has used this offseason to get into, in his words, "the best shape of [his] life."


Videos from the workout were documented on filmmaker Joey White's (@officialjoeyw) Instagram story.

Redskins fans hope the extra work Haskins and his receivers are putting in this offseason will translate to success on the field, as Washington finished 31st in total offense and dead last in points per game last season.