There were 255 picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. LSU tight end Thaddeus Moss wasn't one of them.

That doesn't sit too well with him.

In fact, during an introductory Zoom conference with local reporters on Wednesday, Moss called being bypassed in all seven rounds a "slap in the face." He then expanded on why he was so insulted.

"I put a lot of work in," he said. "Years of football. We went undefeated and won a national championship. I played my best ball in our biggest games. So I definitely felt like it was a slap in the face not getting drafted, having kickers and punters and special teams guys picked over me."

To Moss' point, six specialists — including a long snapper — were selected a few weeks ago, while he wasn't. At his own position, meanwhile, 12 total tight ends were taken on Days 2 and 3. 

A fractured right foot, which was revealed during a physical at the Combine in late February, certainly contributed to Moss' fall. A few months later, though, he's confident the injury is behind him and won't cause any further trouble.

"I went and had the best foot doctor in sports [Dr. Robert Anderson] do the surgery," he said. "I'm ahead of schedule. Everything's going great with it. I'll be ready to go."


Moss had a chance Wednesday to look back on the draft and explained that, as he was sitting with his Hall of Fame father, Randy, he began to realize "how things were going to unfold." He hoped, of course, that it would pan out and he'd get to have the phone conversation every prospect waits for, but he also had a feeling for how the event was truly going to end.


So, he turned to his dad at one point and told him "this is no different than what I've had to do my whole life."

Some outsiders may assume that someone with such a famous relative would have an easy upbringing, but for Moss, his path has been just the opposite. Ever since he started playing football, Moss has been challenged and doubted.

So, while he's clearly upset that he went undrafted, it's also put him in a position he's used to.

"A lot of people think I was handed a lot of things," Moss said. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to work for everything. Whatever my NFL career is, whether that be one year, two, three, four, five to 10, you're going to have to respect it, because I worked for everything. I wasn't given anything."