If you're a Redskins fan, you're asking yourself three things these days:

1) What is Washington going to do with Trent Williams?

2) What is Washington going to do with the second pick in the draft?

3) When am I going to be allowed out of my house again?

While the first and third questions are certainly important, Dolphins beat writer Safid Deen joined the Redskins Talk podcast to try and help answer that middle one.

To begin the interview, JP Finlay asked Deen if he believes Miami will ultimately decide to do a deal with the Burgundy and Gold and move in behind Cincinnati. Deen doesn't believe so as of now, but he also understands how things change when the much-anticipated event finally arrives.

"If you ask me now, today, 20-something days before the draft, I would say no, they're not going to get desperate," Deen said on Wednesday. "But we all know, as soon as that clock hits, as soon as that clock starts, as soon as the pressure starts rising, we'll see how these Dolphins really respond to any kind of pressure from other teams to move up or move down."

"Conventional wisdom says this team moves up in the draft," he added. "You move up with Detroit or you move up with Washington and you go and get Tua if you really want him."

The Dolphins have long been linked to Tua Tagovailoa, and the Alabama product's recent "overwhelmingly positive" medical tests may be enough to convince them to swoop in and select him. That said, he's not the only passer they're considering.


"[Tua is who] they're all in on, but they've been doing their research," he told Redskins Talk. "Justin Herbert and Jordan Love, those are two guys who have been really examined."

According to Deen, Love, in particular, is someone who's enticing the Dolphins. The Utah State signal-caller offers upside and also possesses the kind of personality that could unite a locker room. 

Now, could their interest really just be "interest" as they attempt to throw other organizations off before ultimately pouncing on Tagovailoa? Of course; this is the NFL, where if you aren't lying, you aren't trying. Deen, however, sees taking a QB other than Tua as a serious possibility.

To close his time on the pod, Deen was pushed to give his prediction for how the first round will unfold for Miami. In his mind, all of the pre-draft chatter won't result in any major movement, as long as teams behind the Dolphins like the Chargers and the Raiders don't get too aggressive, too.

"The Dolphins have to call everybody's bluff here," he said. "I don't think the Dolphins really need to go out of their way to move up."

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