After three days of drafting and an obvious growing partnership between Redskins head coach Ron Rivera and Vice President of Player Personnel Kyle Smith, it makes sense to wonder if Smith could get the general manager title. 

Well, ends up that decision won't be made entirely by Rivera. 

"That’s really not up to me," Rivera said Wednesday on The Kevin Sheehan Show on The Team 980. "That's something that Mr. Snyder and I will talk about."

Rivera spoke highly of Smith after the draft and continued those comments on Wednesday, saying both the coaching staff and the front office were largely on the same page when it came to the draft board and adding that Smith did a "great job."

After the draft ended on Sunday, a Washington Post report suggested that "there is a growing sense around the front office that Rivera might soon give Smith the title of general manager." The idea makes sense as Smith proved able to run free agency and pull off multiple trades — Trent Williams, Quinton Dunbar and Kyle Allen — in addition to running the draft, and Rivera seemed to be pleased with all the moves. 



The coach explained, however, that naming a GM is not entirely his call. 

A source told NBC Sports Washington that Rivera would obviously have a lot of input in a naming a GM but the owner would be involved. Since taking the job in January, Rivera has talked repeatedly about his strong relationship with Snyder, and it's believed that Rivera and Snyder will sit down to discuss a possible promotion for Smith. 

"[Snyder] has the ultimate say in the organization if it comes down to things like this," Rivera said. "That's a little bit above me."

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