The news got worse on Wednesday between the Redskins and Trent Williams. A CBS report said that Williams "vowed" not to return and play for Washington, and when Jay Gruden got pressed on the report, he couldn't refute it. 

"I haven't spoken to him in that context," Gruden said. "No."

In the last 24 hours, Williams' minicamp absence went from a potential contract holdout to possibly about something much more serious. Gruden explained that Williams might be upset about the timing of his medical diagnosis for a scalp issue that required surgery earlier this year. The CBS report states that Williams' issues with the team are not financial, rather specifically about the team's handling of his medical situation.

"Trent knows how much we need him and want him back. That's the only thing I can do from here," Gruden said. "As far as what happened with him and the doctors, that's between he and the doctors, and hopefully we get that cleared up soon."

Requests for clarification from a Redskins medical official were not immediately met, and requests for clarification from the team's front office were also not immediately available.

For now, the only official information was provided by Gruden at the podium. And the coach acknowledged that he believes Williams is not happy.

"I know Trent's probably frustrated," Gruden said. 

What that means going forward seemed anything but certain. Asked if he thinks Williams will return to the Redskins, Gruden delivered what seemed like the total truth. 


"I sure hope so."