When asked two days before the Redskins took on the Broncos how much work he intended to give Adrian Peterson, Jay Gruden said he'd like for the running back to "get a good lather going."

Mission accomplished, coach.

In Peterson's debut with the Burgundy and Gold, the 33-year-old ran the ball 11 times for 56 yards. At one point in the first quarter, he had his number called on seven straight plays, which is wild for a RB in Gruden's offense.

The peak of his evening was a fourth-and-1 conversion in which he had the burst to get to the outside and then the vision to stop, cut back and pick up additional yardage. This highlight is like a potato chip — good luck trying it once and not helping yourself to more:

Peterson was stopped at the line a couple of times for no gain, but for the most part, plays that involved him kept an otherwise out-of-sync offense moving forward. At times, he was able to spin off tackles and also change direction at the line of scrimmage when his initial lane was clogged.

Now, whether this was just Peterson coming in fresh and energized for his first game in 2018 or a sign that he can really contribute throughout the regular season is hard to discern at the moment.

However, there was certainly enough there to believe that the Redskins' running back group is a much better one with the future Hall of Famer in the fold than it is without him. Overall, the first step in the Adrian Peterson Experiment was absolutely a success.