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Fines issued to Ryan Anderson, DeAndrew White for hits that injured Olsen, Quinn

Fines issued to Ryan Anderson, DeAndrew White for hits that injured Olsen, Quinn

The NFL levied fines for unnecessary roughness to the Redskins linebacker Ryan Anderson and Panthers special teamer DeAndrew White after they delivered hits that forced opposing players to exit the game between the two teams in Week 13.

Anderson was ejected for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Panthers tight end Greg Olsen in the third quarter. Olsen exited the game with a concussion and didn’t return. He’s been declared inactive ahead of Carolina’s Week 14 matchup with the Atlanta Falcons.

Redskins fans were disgruntled with the referees for ejecting Anderson but allowing White to stay in the game when the crown of his helmet caught the facemask of Redskins punt returner Trey Quinn. Quinn was also pulled from the game with a concussion and has been declared inactive for Week 14.

Washington went on to win the game, 29-21.

Both players were given the same fine of $28,075 for their respective hits.


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Josh Norman got a hilarious phone call from Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly before Redskins-Panthers

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Josh Norman got a hilarious phone call from Cam Newton, Luke Kuechly before Redskins-Panthers

If Josh Norman wasn't a cornerback for the Redskins, he could have become a world-class spy.

In a hilarious clip from the Amazon Prime show "All or Nothing" which documented the Carolina Panthers during the 2018 NFL season, Norman is heard talking on the phone with former Carolina teammates Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly, just days before the Redskins and Panthers faced each other on the gridiron. 

After Kuechly and Newton made fun of him for looking "fat," Norman asked the pair, "Hey is [Greg] Olsen playing this week?"

Olsen, Carolina's Pro Bowl tight end, had missed the Panthers' previous three games due to a foot injury. 

"Nope," an unsuspecting Kuechly immediately replied. Oops! 

"Come on, bro. You can't tell. That was stupid," Newton said before the three burst into laughter over the slip-up. 

"Now you've got to tell us something about y'all," Newton said to Norman after they had finally recovered. "You starting at cornerback this week?"

Ouch! Norman had just been benched in the second half of the Redskins' Week 5 loss to the Saints, Newton showing no mercy to his ex-teammate.

However, Norman got his revenge that Sunday, picking off Newton in the first quarter of a 23-17 Redskins win. And ironically Olsen ended up playing, catching four passes for 48 yards.

Maybe Norman wouldn't make that great a spy after all. But in any case, it was he and the Redskins who got the last laugh that week. Newton, Kuechly, and the Panthers will get a chance to answer back when Washington and Carolina square off on Dec. 1. 


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Ravens defense desperate for answers after ugly loss and divisional matchups ahead

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Ravens defense desperate for answers after ugly loss and divisional matchups ahead

The Baltimore Ravens entered their Week 8 matchup vs. the Carolina Panthers as the No. 1 scoring and No. 1 overall yards-per-game defense in the league. 

Despite giving up their first second-half touchdown of the season and 17 points in the fourth quarter alone against Drew Brees and the Saints in Week 7, the defense was still looked at as the biggest threat in the league.

But what transpired during their 36-21 loss to the Panther's Sunday has fans, and the players themselves, questioning what's going on with a team that started their season 3-1.

Veteran Safety Eric Weddle recognizes the issue. "I don’t like to say, ‘We’re alright.' We’re not alright. We just got blasted," the five-time Pro Bowler said after the game.  "We’re 4-4 — an average team. We just got blown out. I wouldn’t say it’s rock bottom, but we have to look at ourselves and get back to work."

Quarterback Cam Newton had more than enough time to throw the ball, finishing the day 21-of-29 for 219 yards for two touchdowns. The former NFL MVP also added 52 rushing yards and one rushing touchdown. Newton found seven different receivers along the way, was sacked zero times and didn't throw a single interception. 

On top of making Newton's job easy, the defense looked confused at times and couldn't get out of their own way, logging several unnecessary penalties. In the first half alone with the score 21-7, the defense had given up more points then their season average of 14.4 points-per-game.

More from Weddle:

For us defensively, they present a lot of misdirection and formations, different plays and was tough to get in a rhythm with them and Cam played an outstanding game. Hit some big throws, extending some plays and I’m sure, as a team you can’t turn the ball over, those types of things to get back in the game.

Now the Ravens head back to M&T Bank Stadium to host the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals in what are quite literally must-win games as the team finds itself staring up at the two in the AFC North rankings.

Quarterback Joe Flacco knows the road ahead won't be an easy one.

I think we are going to feel like that at every single game out. We are obviously not in the most ideal situation possible but we still have eight games left. I feel like we have the opportunity to play really good football.

We just have to make sure to keep the focus on that. I think there is obviously a bigger threat now to let this stuff affect you mentally, let it affect the team and how we are gelling together. So we just have to combat that just by being ourselves and being as tough as we possibly can and go out there and take each game one game at a time and play football like we know how to.

Two losses could spell another missed postseason and many questions facing the organization with a quarter left to go in the season.