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DeAngelo Hall interviewed to be the Redskins' defensive backs coach, he says

DeAngelo Hall interviewed to be the Redskins' defensive backs coach, he says

DeAngelo Hall has made it very clear since retiring that he's interested in the idea of getting into coaching or joining a team's front office.

Well, Hall went on radio Friday and revealed that he very nearly almost did break into the coaching ranks, and apparently with the Redskins, no less.

The decorated former corner told Grant & Danny on 106.7 The Fan that he interviewed with the team before they ultimately went with Ray Horton to lead their secondary. Horton has helped out on numerous staffs, while Hall would've obviously been a first-time assistant.

Even though he didn't get the job, Hall "thoroughly impressed" Washington, Grant Paulsen reported.

The unfortunate part of this all is that the 15-year vet also said to The Fan that he had interviewed for the same gig at the University of Maryland and was actually offered that opportunity. However, he didn't accept because he wanted to see the process with the 'Skins out to the finish line and ended up missing both.

This round of interviews may not have gone in Hall's favor, but it sounds like the 35-year-old picked up valuable experience and handled his first attempt at all this quite well. If he wants to, he'll get his breakthrough and he'll get it soon.

Full Disclosure: DeAngelo Hall worked for NBC Sports Washington as an analyst on pre- and postgame coverage during the 2018 NFL season. 


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DeAngelo Hall is open to taking a spot on the Redskins coaching staff

DeAngelo Hall is open to taking a spot on the Redskins coaching staff

After an abysmal showing on Sunday against the New York Giants, many are questioning the future of the Washington Redskins coaching staff.

Former Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall wants to throw his name into this conversation. He wants to be someone that can contribute to the success of his former team. 

In his weekly appearance with the Sports Junkies, Hall spoke on the performance of the coaching staff and whether he would like to be involved with the Redskins. 

"Who better to help guide young men to even to figure out if a guy is selling you a bunch of crap or if he is telling you the truth. I sat in those seats as a 20-year-old rookie telling coaches exactly what they wanted to hear, I knew how to play that game. I can smell B.S. from a mile away," Hall said.

Hall, 35, is only a year removed from playing with many of those guys in the Redskins locker room. Not only that, he played under Jay Gruden and his staff for several seasons. Hall is a fan favorite and is one of the longest tenured Redskins in recent memory. 

"I'm a pretty young guy, I just came out of that locker room. I know how to relate to players," Hall said. "I know, ultimately, who really is about football and who's about the glamorous things that football gives you, because that's ultimately what you want. You want a locker room full of guys who love football, who want to do what it takes to win each and every single game and watching what we saw on the field yesterday, I don't feel like we had a lot of those guys out there."

With four straight losses, the Redskins are now 6-7 and trending in the wrong direction. Jay Gruden, who knows he is under pressure in these final weeks, is in his fifth season with the team. While Hall does not talk about the head coaching position specifically, one can tell in his voice that he just wants to see this team do well. 

For the full interview, watch the video at the top of the page. 


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Following tenuous week, DeAngelo Hall and Josh Norman are 'friends again'

Following tenuous week, DeAngelo Hall and Josh Norman are 'friends again'

Josh Norman had a whirlwind of a week following the Redskins' embarrassing 43-19 loss to the Saints in New Orleans Monday night.

After an embarrassing first half in New Orleans, Norman was benched and former Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall did not shy away from criticizing his former teammate on his attitude.

On Sunday, Norman showed he can take the criticism and showed up in the Redskins' 23-17 win over the Carolina Panthers. Norman forced a fumble and got an interception against his former team.

Following the win, Hall, who is a member of NBC Sports Washington's Redskins coverage, was asked what he thought of Norman's performance in the Week 6 victory.

I’m extremely proud of him and this whole defense. We wanted to see those guys come back after a bad game in New Orleans and show everybody what they could do. And they did that. The front was devastating …they got pressure on Cam Newton, they never let him be comfortable.

They stopped the run, which we didn’t know how they would fare. And Josh made plays. At the end of the day as a DB in this league, you’re going to give up plays. But you ultimately want to make plays. And Josh made plays. And for that, kudos young fellow." -DeAngelo Hall on Josh Norman

When asked if D-Hall and Norman were friends again, Hall said "I guess we friends again. We were never not friends."

Josh Norman then joined the crew on set alongside D-Hall. When asked how this week was different from last week for him, he had one simple answer: Preparation.

On set, D-Hall and Norman hashed out their differences from last week. Hall said "If I need to be the bad guy to get that kind of performance out of you every Sunday, bro, I will be the bad guy."

"It's all a part of the job description," Norman said. "And like I said, I respect the hell out of you man. It's all eleven guys. It's not one guy."

"Nothing that I've ever said has been malicious. It has been strictly to see you shine," Hall said.

Going forward, the two talked about the consistency the Redskins defense needs to bring, especially heading into next week's game vs. Dallas.

And as Norman cracked a smile and looked back at Hall, fans began looking toward next week. "WE WANT DALLAS."