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Dez Bryant finally has a new home: New Orleans


Dez Bryant finally has a new home: New Orleans

The long wait for Dez Bryant is finally over. He is now a member of the New Orleans Saints, according to multiple media reports. 

After eight seasons in Dallas, Bryant, 30, was released by the Cowboys on April 13. If Bryant had remained on Dallas' roster for this season, he would have responsible for a $16.5 million cap hit. 

The Ravens reportedly offered Bryant a three-year deal but he turned it down because he did not want to sign a multi-year deal. Baltimore quickly pivoted and signed Willie Snead.

In August, Bryant made an appearance on HBO's "Hard Knocks" when he visited with the Cleveland Browns. 

Cleveland reportedly offered Bryant a one-year deal with a base value less than $5 million. Bryant turned it down.

The "Dez Bryant to insert NFL franchise" buzz went silent for the past couple months until this week.

Bryant now joins a 7-1 football team that just handed the Sean McVay led Rams their first loss of the season on Sunday. 

Michael Thomas has been one of the top wide receivers in the NFL this season (2nd in receptions, 4th in receiving yards) but he is the only Saints receiver with more than 12 receptions (RB Alvin Kamara has 51, TE Benjamin Watson has 26).

Last season in Dallas, Bryant finished with 69 receptions for 838 yards and six touchdowns. 

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Bryant got his wish of a one-year deal.

It certainly feels like the Saints are pushing all their chips to the middle of the table to try to give 39-year-old Drew Brees another shot at a Super Bowl.

Regardless of success or failure, Bryant's return to Dallas on Thursday, November 29 should be very entertaining. 

Get your popcorn ready!

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The Redskins chose Brian Quick over Dez Bryant, and the logic makes sense

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The Redskins chose Brian Quick over Dez Bryant, and the logic makes sense

The Redskins brought back veteran wide receiver Brian Quick on Tuesday as the team is beset by injuries at the position.

Rookie Cam Sims got moved to the injured reserve list, and questions remain about the health and status of Maurice Harris and Trey Quinn. Without Quick, the Redskins have just three healthy wide receivers in Josh Doctson, Jamison Crowder and Paul Richardson. 

Plenty of folks noticed that last Sunday, during the Redskins thrashing of Arizona, former Cowboys Pro Bowl WR Dez Bryant tweeted about his interest in playing with Washington. Bryant got released from the Cowboys this summer, and despite some interest and tryouts around the NFL, he remains unsigned. 

So if Dez wanted to play in Burgundy and Gold, and the Redskins had a need at WR, why didn't that pass get completed? Two simple factors.

  1. Know the system - Brian Quick can step in for the Redskins and immediately know the playbook and the play calls. Quick spent all of last season with the Redskins, and was one of the team's final cuts just 11 days ago. He was with the team throughout training camp in Richmond as well as the preseason. Perhaps more importantly, Quick is a stellar special teams player and the Redskins will need him on kickoff and punt coverage units. One thing that gets forgotten in Washington is the makeup of the special teams group. On most teams, backup running backs and tight ends play a huge role on special teams. With the Redskins, four of those six players play little or no specials: Adrian Peterson, Chris Thompson, Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis. Special teams coach Ben Kotwica needs players that can help, and Quick certainly fits the bill. Bryant would be coming in with zero knowledge of the offense, and unlikely to be a special teams contributor.
  2. Know the role - Quick played 11 games with the Redskins in 2017, and caught just six passes. He knows exactly what will be asked of him in Washington, and more than likely, it won't include many targets or even offensive snaps. On the other hand, Bryant caught 69 passes for more than 800 yards and six TDs last season. Coming to Washington in a reserve role would probably be a hard situation for Bryant.

Bryant can still help an NFL team. He has tremendous size and strength for the position, and excels in red zone situations. 

That said, to bring Bryant in at this point in the regular season, there needs to be a role. As long as the Redskins top three wideouts stay healthy on the field, that role doesn't exist for Bryant. And the attention signing Bryant will bring is not worth disrupting the Redskins young, evolving WRs. 



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The Pros, and Cons, of a possible Redskins pursuit of Dez Bryant 

The Pros, and Cons, of a possible Redskins pursuit of Dez Bryant 

On Friday morning, the Dallas Cowboys released three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant, expectedly, sending shockwaves across the NFL.

One of the most famous, and at times among the best, players in the NFL doesn’t hit the open market all that often. 

Some reports suggest Bryant wants to stay in the NFC East and get the chance to play the Cowboys twice a year.

If that’s true, that would put the Redskins firmly in play for Bryant. 

Does a run at Dez make sense for Washington?


Let’s look at the pros and cons of the situation. 


Pro: Dez is a physical force at the wide receiver position.  He wins at the line of scrimmage. The Skins don’t have that right now, and every NFL team can use that. 

Con: Dez has seen declining production for a few seasons. Some of that can be the move in QB from Tony Romo to Dak Prescott and some of that can be the emphasis on the run game in Dallas. Still, declining production is declining production. 

Pro: If Dez wants to stick it to the Cowboys and play in the NFC East, his options are limited. That could mean a bargain of a contract. 

Con: Dez can be emotional on the field and off the field. Do the Redskins want to add that to a young WR group?

Pro: Since Dallas cut Bryant, signing him would not impact the compensatory pick formula that the Redskins have focused on this offseason. 

Con: Bryant and Washington CB Josh Norman have had some heated exchanges in the past. Odds are both players could look past prior transgressions if it makes the team win, but it would be a hurdle. 

Pro: Bruce Allen likes to wait for marquee players to get released later in the cycle. Think about the signings of Norman and DeSean Jackson. Bryant would certainly fit that mold. 

Pros. Cons. 

Signing Bryant is complicated, but could be rewarding.