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A depth chart is emerging at quarterback, even if Jay Gruden won't say it

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A depth chart is emerging at quarterback, even if Jay Gruden won't say it

While the Redskins will hold a few more OTA sessions next week, on Thursday, mandatory minicamp wrapped for the week and the team got no closer to its most important decision. 

Officially, that is. 

Less than 100 days before the Redskins' first game, head coach Jay Gruden is not prepared to say that any of his quarterbacks have moved ahead in the battle to be the Week 1 starter.

"For me to make a determination on the starting quarterback after minicamp or mandatory camp is just kind of foolish," the coach said. "We'll let these guys continue to play and see which one continues to improve, which one is most consistent throughout the training camp and preseason and we'll go from there."

Gruden is right.

There is zero need for him or the organization to establish a QB depth chart right now in early June. The Redskins will have about six weeks off before the team reconvenes in Richmond for training camp, and that's when the competition goes from collegial to fierce. 

Still, during three days of mandatory minicamp, a few things became apparent. 

Rookie Dwayne Haskins has the highest ceiling of the Redskins current quarterbacks. He's flashed a rocket arm and a delicate touch on seemingly consecutive throws, but as things progressed in the sessions, he wasn't the best passer at practice. Case Keenum showed a greater command of the huddle and line of scrimmage, and an ability to handle the speed of the NFL pass rush better than the rookie.

It's also premature to determine too much from three days of performances in June, as the team has been working with a patchwork offensive line and little positional clarity.  

"We're not even thinking about that right now, to be honest with you. We're giving them equal reps," Gruden said of Haskins and Keenum.

"We don’t really have a one's or a two's right now. We're switching in the receivers, subbing them in. Doesn't matter who's out there for tight ends. You know, I think we'll start to get some true first-team reps when we have a first-team on offense. Right now we really don't. We'll start to do that once training camp hits."

When training camp hits, that's when things will get interesting. Haskins is crazy smart and seems like the type to use the next six weeks to learn more of the playbook and protection schemes. Keenum is still learning Gruden's system too. And don't forget Colt McCoy, the only incumbent QB on the roster that missed minicamp with a leg injury. 

McCoy worked out with Jordan Reed on the side practice fields throughout minicamp, and according to team sources, should be full go for training camp. 

"I promise you I feel good about any of the three playing. They're all great players and great competitors, they're picking it up well," Gruden said. "They have qualities you want in a starting quarterback, so hopefully we make the right decision."

So about that decision, coach?

The wheels need to move fast once the team hits the ground in Richmond. Haskins is the future, that became apparent when the team took him with the 15th overall pick. 

When does the future begin to happen? Much of that will be decided by McCoy and Keenum. And Haskins. 

Keenum has a slight lead now, even if Gruden won't admit it. But it's not a stranglehold, and McCoy hasn't even entered the race yet. 

Richmond should be fun. 


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Two Redskins QBs sit back to back at back end of Chris Simms’ Top 40 power rankings for 2019 NFL season

Two Redskins QBs sit back to back at back end of Chris Simms’ Top 40 power rankings for 2019 NFL season

NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms is ranking the Top 40 quarterbacks for the 2019 season on his podcast "Unbuttoned," and Redskins QBs Colt McCoy and Dwayne Haskins wound up next to each other...on the back end of the list.

Simms ranks McCoy No. 39, only ahead of Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor, with Haskins slotting in at No. 38.

“I think highly of Colt McCoy. I do in a lot of ways," Simms said. "Stats and numbers and everything like that aren’t going to say the whole story about Colt McCoy.”

“The biggest problem with Colt McCoy is when he’s gotten the chance to really start or play and you go, ‘Oh, here he goes. He might be the starter here,’ – he’s gotten hurt a few times throughout his career, you know, twice with Washington as he’s going to have a chance really to kind of take over. So I think that’s really been the biggest downfall.”

On Haskins, Simms hints his low ranking is due to his status as a rookie, explaining that he believes the Ohio State product could signficantly rise up the charts if he plays well this season.

“Really has superstar potential," Simms said. "You’ve heard me … compare him to guys like Ben Roethlisberger. It’s a very similar style of play.”

“I’ve got like an asterisk next to him because this is a guy that could be – yeah, he’s 38th right now but, gosh, if I had to re-rank half way through the year and he’s the starting quarterback and blowing me away, he could be in the top 20 because he has that type of talent.”

Simms hasn't revealed where the Redskins' other QB, Case Keenum, winds up on his list yet. The trio of McCoy, Haskins, and Keenum is expected to compete for the starting job in Washington.


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Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins is getting a brand-new Bentley

Redskins QB Dwayne Haskins is getting a brand-new Bentley

It's been a great week for Dwayne Haskins. The Redskins' rookie QB started rookie minicamp Friday rocking No. 7 after signing his first NFL contract a day earlier. 

And on top of all that, Haskins got himself a brand-new Bentley. 

Haskins posted a video of his new wheels on his Instagram story, writing "Sheesh" above the video with the heart-eyes and open mouth emojis. The logo on the seat is that of Haskins' personal clothing brand, "Kindom of Pride."

The best athletes need a nice ride, and Haskins certainly picked out a beautiful car. As Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle of "Parks and Recreation" say, "Treat yo self!"