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A Bryce-less October has Nationals fans thrilled

A Bryce-less October has Nationals fans thrilled

It seems like forever ago, Nationals fans were saying goodbye to Bryce Harper and deciding what to do with his jersey.

Fans got creative with his name, changed his number or even donated his jersey away.

But Postseason baseball requires a new level of trolling. 

Nationals fans made some epic changes to their jerseys. Noting that this was the closest that Harper would get to October baseball. 

The former National is still on everyone's brain, but that does not mean he is missed.

When asked pre-game if the Nationals are better off with out Harper, Manager Davey Martinez noted that the team is playing together. "What I believe in is it takes more than one person to win the championship, and that's been the message since Spring Training."

Game 3 and the remainder of the NLCS will be broadcasted on TBS... in case a certain someone wanted to tune in.