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Signing Day History: Kendall Fuller has fond memories of the day he forged his own path

Signing Day History: Kendall Fuller has fond memories of the day he forged his own path

With National Signing Day less than two weeks away, we're looking back at the high school careers of some of the region's top players in recent history.

When it comes to listing the greats who started their career in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia, we'd be remiss if we overlooked current Chiefs cornerback Kendall Fuller. Before landing in Kansas City (and being selected by the Redskins in the 2016 NFL draft), Fuller was a five-star defensive stud at Our Lady of Good Counsel. At his Signing Day ceremony, he was joined by seven of his teammates who also announced their college decision.

Fuller chose Virginia Tech over Clemson, perhaps wanting to complete the family tree and become the fourth and final Fuller brother to be a Hokie. 

"Being able to sign with my teammates, who I consider brothers, and to go to the game school as my actual brothers is a dream come true,” Fuller told The Washington Post in February of 2013. 

The blueprint was in place. Vincent, Corey, and Kyle had all come before their youngest brother. In fact, Kyle was lucky enough to spend his senior season with Kendall in Blacksburg, Va. 

“He’s not following in our footsteps; he’s creating his own path as a great player and young man,” Vincent Fuller, who attended his brother's Signing Day ceremony told the Post. “We’ll always have those memories and those brotherly rivalries brought out the best in all four of us.”

Frank Beamer and the Hokies paid attention to the young talent for good reason. The two-way player popped off during his senior season. Defensively, Fuller logged three interceptions, 28 tackles, eight pass breakups, and a sack. He wasn't done there. On the other side of the ball, he caught 44 passes for 695 yards and seven touchdowns to take home All-Met Player of the Year honors. 


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Kendall Fuller breaks down infamous night he learned, mostly through Twitter, of Kansas City trade

Kendall Fuller breaks down infamous night he learned, mostly through Twitter, of Kansas City trade

The night of January 30th was a roller coaster of emotions for many, especially Kendall Fuller.

With news of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Alex Smith, being traded to the Redskins, came the news that the team would be receiving cornerback Kendall Fuller and a third-round draft pick in exchange. 

The exchange was a surprise to many, including Fuller, who initially heard the rumors of his trade via Twitter. Even giving us a play-by-play of his knowledge of the situation throughout the night.


During this week's episode of Adam Schefter's podcast, Fuller detailed the rollercoaster of a night he had.

The funny part about it is I’m not usually on Twitter that much," Fuller said. When I was on there, I saw you come out with it, and somebody else come out with it, and I tweeted like, ‘Nah, I haven’t heard anything.’ Right after I tweeted that, my agent called me and told me about the trade. I was like, ‘Shoot, let me get off of Twitter for a little bit then.'

When he did decide to return to social media, Fuller tweeted this classic. 

The 23-year old, who finished the 2017 season with four interceptions, 42 tackles and 12 assist, was seen as one of the bright, young stars the Redskins had to offer.

The news of his trade angered fans and fellow Redskins players alike, but Fuller understands the team wasn't looking to just get rid of him. 

Actually, the day after the trade, I was still kind of in town, so I had just went up to the facility, really just to grab some stuff, go see coaches, Bruce [Allen] and everybody like that, so I was able to talk to both teams,” Fuller said. It wasn’t too bad, because it wasn’t like the Redskins were looking to get rid of me. … I think the Chiefs were kind of bringing it to ’em, like, ‘If you want this guy, you’re going to have to give up Kendall Fuller.’ All of them were upset that I had to go, so it wasn’t like they were trying to kick me out the door. It was a little bit emotional, especially having my college coach up there, [defensive backs] coach Torrian Gray. So just seeing all of them, the head coach, Bruce and Doug [Williams], it wasn’t too bad though.

While he only spent two seasons in D.C., Fuller will be taking everything he learned from Josh Norman with him to Kansas City.

Every day he comes in, he’s just ready to hunt, no matter what he’s doing," Fuller said. Whether it’s Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and especially on Sunday, just that mind-set that you gotta bring to the table every day as a professional.


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Rookie hazing: DeSean Jackson turns Kendall Fuller around in 1v1 drills (VIDEO)

Rookie hazing: DeSean Jackson turns Kendall Fuller around in 1v1 drills (VIDEO)

Beating up on Redskins cornerback Kendall Fuller has become normal on social media the last few weeks, but the rookie still has a bright NFL future, not to mention he opened the season with a string of strong games. 

That said, Fuller has had a rough last few weeks for the 'Skins. Manning the slot corner role, the rookie has faced tough matchups and been caught out of position a few times. Coaches always talk about Fuller's work ethic in practice, and he goes hard each session. But on Wednesday, Fuller was put in a tough spot, facing off against DeSean Jackson in one-on-ones.

One-on-one drills between defensive backs and wide receivers are inherently titled toward the offensive side of the field. There are no linebackers, no pass rush, no safety help. Generally, receivers should catch the pass in one-on-one drills. 

Few corners perform well against Jackson in one-on-ones, but it's worse when the cameras are rolling. Watch the full video above.