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Dez Bryant finally has a new home: New Orleans


Dez Bryant finally has a new home: New Orleans

The long wait for Dez Bryant is finally over. He is now a member of the New Orleans Saints, according to multiple media reports. 

After eight seasons in Dallas, Bryant, 30, was released by the Cowboys on April 13. If Bryant had remained on Dallas' roster for this season, he would have responsible for a $16.5 million cap hit. 

The Ravens reportedly offered Bryant a three-year deal but he turned it down because he did not want to sign a multi-year deal. Baltimore quickly pivoted and signed Willie Snead.

In August, Bryant made an appearance on HBO's "Hard Knocks" when he visited with the Cleveland Browns. 

Cleveland reportedly offered Bryant a one-year deal with a base value less than $5 million. Bryant turned it down.

The "Dez Bryant to insert NFL franchise" buzz went silent for the past couple months until this week.

Bryant now joins a 7-1 football team that just handed the Sean McVay led Rams their first loss of the season on Sunday. 

Michael Thomas has been one of the top wide receivers in the NFL this season (2nd in receptions, 4th in receiving yards) but he is the only Saints receiver with more than 12 receptions (RB Alvin Kamara has 51, TE Benjamin Watson has 26).

Last season in Dallas, Bryant finished with 69 receptions for 838 yards and six touchdowns. 

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Bryant got his wish of a one-year deal.

It certainly feels like the Saints are pushing all their chips to the middle of the table to try to give 39-year-old Drew Brees another shot at a Super Bowl.

Regardless of success or failure, Bryant's return to Dallas on Thursday, November 29 should be very entertaining. 

Get your popcorn ready!

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Joe Flacco’s postgame conversation with Sean Payton not what you would expect

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Joe Flacco’s postgame conversation with Sean Payton not what you would expect

When Baltimore Ravens' Justin Tucker missed his first ever point-after-touchdown Sunday against the New Orleans Saints, a million thoughts were going through the minds of players, coaches and fans.

"Tucker never misses" 

'What in the world just happened."

"I can't believe we lost 24-23," to name a few.

But when quarterback Joe Flacco took the field and embraced Saints head coach Sean Payton in typical postgame fashion the two didn't talk about the physical football game that just took place, they talked mattresses. 

Flacco, a New Jersey native, was down at the Jersey Shore this summer buying a mattress and just so happened to purchase it from Payton's brother. When he finally got the chance, the QB seemed somewhat excited to tell him about the encounter. 

After missing the 2017 preseason and having a substandard first half due to a back injury, Ravens fans should be happy their signal caller is spending his offseason shopping for the best mattress to rest his body on. Maybe we should credit Flacco's 11 touchdowns for 2,067 yards and a 88.5 QB rating in 2018 to the Payton family (we're grasping). 

If anything, this is a classic Joe Flacco moment and one of the many reasons fans like him.


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Justin Tucker missed a game-tying PAT, but the Ravens aren't fazed at all


Justin Tucker missed a game-tying PAT, but the Ravens aren't fazed at all

Justin Tucker making an extra point for the Baltimore Ravens is a sure thing.

As sure as the sun will rise each morning, Tucker's dependability and success have been a constant for the team. But on an afternoon where winds of around 17 mph were a factor though 60 minutes, Tucker's success came to a shocking halt. 

After Joe Flacco and the offense made their way downfield, Flacco found wide receiver John Brown in the end zone to make the score 24-23 with 24 seconds left in regulation.

In walked the most accurate kicker in NFL history to do what he's done so many times before; keep the Ravens in the game. As the ball sailed off Tucker's foot, it took a right and became the first point-after-touchdown the kicker has ever missed.

"I felt like when the ball came off my foot, that I hit it just how I wanted to," Tucker said at the podium following the Ravens' Week 7 loss to the Saints. "Don't get me wrong, today was a challenging day to kick the ball in our stadium, to the right of our bench."

Two hundred and twenty two-straight PATs. 222 consecutive makes, including 112 consecutive since PATs were moved back to the 15-yard line in 2015. Tucker was named AFC Special Teams Player of the Month for September, marking the fifth time he's been awarded the honor.

From the field to the press box and all the way to the nosebleeds, M&T Bank Stadium was in shock. 

"A lot of things go through your mind, but I've been there plenty of time," Flacco said. "If you play football long enough, you're going to be there at some point. We're a very tight team here, and the first thing you think about is your brother and him dealing with it. Justin's the best in the world at what he does, and he's the most confident person that I know. It's not going to be an issue." 

"We're a tight group – we are light years better than we've been in the past," safety Eric Weddle said in the locker room after the loss. "Shoot, 'Tuck' is going to win us some games. We're not worried about that missed kick. Shoot, I think it's the first extra point ever that he's missed. Let's not get on him too hard. He's going to be hard on himself. That wasn't the only reason we lost." 

The support for Tucker, in what was a one-off for their teammate, was apparent throughout the entire locker room. When Tucker took to the podium to address the media, long snapper Morgan Cox and punter Sam Koch stood in the interview room while their kicker tried to explain what went wrong in a show of support.

"This one just happened to get away from me," Tucker added. "I'll have to look at it. I can't tell you exactly what happened, but at the end of the day, I feel like I cost us the game. Every single one of my teammates thus far has told me the opposite, and no one plays wins or loses a game, but that's a tough thing to grapple with when you're the guy in the situation at the end of the game."

Even members of the Saints were in disbelief. Almost everyone was mentally preparing for overtime as Tucker's accuracy is known around the league.

"When [Tucker] missed it, I thought, 'Let's get up and get out of here,'" running back Mark Ingram said. "I mean, that guy is good, so I was shocked."

"I automatically was thinking about overtime and what we were going to do," quarterback Drew Brees added. "I was very, very surprised when he missed it."

What the Ravens and fans alike can take solace in is that Tucker's stats speak for themselves showing more positive plays than negative. While it was probably the most heartbreaking loss they've had since Week 17 of the 2017 season, Tucker's point of emphasis when speaking with the media postgame was about more than a missed extra point.

"But, more than anything, I just wanted to be here [at the podium]," he said. "If I was going to ever teach my son or any young person about accountability, I felt like it was really important that I stand up here and answer whatever questions you guys may have."