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Stock up, stock down: Jackson once again runs Ravens to a hard-fought victory 

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Stock up, stock down: Jackson once again runs Ravens to a hard-fought victory 

Stop if this sounds familiar: Lamar Jackson’s legs carried the Ravens offense and befuddled the opposing defense en route to a Ravens victory.

If you think you’ve heard that one before, it’s because you have. 

Jackson finished with 116 yards on the ground in a 30-16 win over the Seahawks on Sunday in Seattle. 

Here are a few players whose stocks are up and down:

Stock up: Lamar Jackson’s legs

Much has been made this season over how much Jackson rushes the ball relative to his passing, exposing his body to more hits.

He went over 100 yards rushing for the second straight week as he carried the Ravens their third straight win. It was his third 100-yard rushing performance of the season.

His legs were especially crucial on the team’s nine-minute drive that ate up much of the fourth quarter. 

Jackson’s legs completely confused the Seahawks, and Seattle was unable to slow him down when it mattered most.

Stock Up: Marcus Peters

Welcome to Baltimore, Mr. Peters. 

Peters helped swing the game in the second quarter with an interception returned for a 67-yard touchdown in just his first game of the season. 

He wasn’t targeted a ton throughout the game and did what he came to Baltimore to do with his interception for a touchdown. He was also the first NFL player with an interception in consecutive weeks, for two different teams, since at least 1950.

With the Ravens getting healthier in the secondary, Peters should only have more opportunities to make house calls as the season goes on. 

Stock up: Gus Edwards

Edwards’ numbers don’t stack up on paper, but the backup running back had a very good day running the football. 

He finished with 32 yards on six carries and gave the Ravens some tough carries on the afternoon to give Jackson a breather. 

While he certainly wasn’t the story, Edwards had a nice game running the ball.

Stock Down: Third down defense

There’s gotta be some bad, right?

Russell Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in football at creating plays, both inside and outside of the pocket. He showed the Ravens why on Sunday.

The Seahawks finished 10-of-17 on third down as the Ravens struggled to get off the field when it mattered most. While it should be something to monitor moving forward, it’s not the best trend to appear for the Ravens defense.

Stock up: Ravens defense

Yes, the entire unit. 

They held Wilson, an MVP candidate, to just 241 yards passing. He didn’t have over 200 yards until there was less than five minutes to play and the Ravens were leading by 17.

The run defense was strong, too, as Chris Carson was held to 65 yards on 21 carries. 

It was the team’s best performance of the season on the defensive end, and it came not a moment too soon.

Stock Down: Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews had his worst day of the season, and not just statistically. 

He had 33 yards receiving on one catch, but had three crucial drops — two on back-to-back plays — in the third quarter. One of which would have went for a touchdown. 

It was a rainy day, but Andrews couldn’t hang onto the ball at all. 

Stock Up: Ravens organization

Be honest, no one really deserves a true stock down at this point. 

Yes, there are things to clean up for the Ravens, but they’re 5-2 and still relatively healthy headed into the bye week. Peters, the new acquisition, scored a touchdown. Jackson still can’t be stopped when running the ball. 

And more importantly, they’re 5-2 with a two-and-a-half game lead in the AFC North.


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Lamar Jackson's dual-threat dominance earns him another record-setting award

Lamar Jackson's dual-threat dominance earns him another record-setting award

Another week, another Lamar Jackson performance for the ages.

The second-year quarterback has already set numerous records in Baltimore, just 13 starts into his professional career.

Most of his record-book entries have come thanks to his legs. The QB is a prodigious rusher, one of the most talented running signal-callers in NFL history.

That talent helped earn him more honors after his whopping 152 rushing yards against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 6.

Jackson got started on the ground early, racking up 111 rushing yards in the first half alone. He became just the third quarterback in the modern era to finish with more than 150 rushing yards, and he was rewarded with the FedEx Ground Player of the Week award.

Jackson was the first quarterback in the 17-year history of the award to even be nominated, and now he becomes the first at his position to win it.

Of course, it hasn’t just been on the ground where Jackson has impressed.

He kicked off his 2019 with a bang, throwing for 324 yards and 5 touchdowns on just 20 pass attempts against the woeful Dolphins in Week 1. For his efforts, Jackson was named the Air Player of the Week.

Jackson becomes, you guessed it, the first player in NFL history to win both the Air and Ground versions of the award in the same season, and he managed it just five weeks apart.

He really is one of the most gifted, unique athletes in NFL history. As the Ravens’ tweet says, he is “one of a kind.”

At this rate, it would be a surprise if he doesn’t break a few more barriers the rest of this season and beyond.


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Earl Thomas knocks out Mason Rudolph with scary helmet-to-helmet hit

Earl Thomas knocks out Mason Rudolph with scary helmet-to-helmet hit

Every matchup between the Ravens and Steelers is a physical battle, with big hits and fast collisions all over the field. In a rivalry game in the sport of football, scary moments can be difficult to avoid.

Sunday afternoon brought us one of this rivalry’s scariest moments yet when two Ravens defenders crunched Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

Earl Thomas, the Ravens’ high-priced free safety, was the biggest culprit in this heart-stopping moment. Thomas comes up under Rudolph as the quarterback is releasing the ball, and the crown of his helmet hits Rudolph on the side of his face and head.

Helmet-to-helmet hits are scary enough, but doubly so when the player being hit immediately falls motionless to the ground.

CBS’ cameras showed Rudolph laying on the ground, completely still, after the hit. Slow-motion replays captured the collision in detail, and the quarterback appeared to lose consciousness before he even hit the ground.

Players from both teams were visibly upset, with JuJu Smith-Schuster nearly falling to the ground out of shock at the sight of his quarterback on the ground. A few players appeared to be brought to tears.

The game halted while a medical team came out to tend to Rudolph, even removing the facemask off his helmet. The cart was brought out, but went unused as Rudolph slowly walked off the field under his own power.

Rudolph could be seen smiling and telling his teammates he was “good” after waking up, but that doesn’t make the hit any easier to digest. It’s the exact type of play the NFL has worked hard to phase out of the game, and Earl Thomas was hit with a 15-yard penalty when play resumed.

Some observers on Twitter felt Thomas’ hit was dirty enough to warrant an ejection, though that would have been an extreme measure. Ultimately, the penalty was fully deserved, but probably sufficient.

What matters most at the end of the day is Rudolph’s health. CBS reported in the 4th quarter that the quarterback was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation, but the fact that he walked off the field on his own is as good a sign as we could have hoped for at this point.