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Bill Belichick found the amount of Patriots fans at FedEx Field ‘amazing’ and ‘overwhelming’

Bill Belichick found the amount of Patriots fans at FedEx Field ‘amazing’ and ‘overwhelming’

FEDEX FIELD -- NFL teams are supposed to play eight home games and eight road games each season. But on Sunday, the Patriots basically found themselves with a bonus home matchup thanks to a New England takeover at FedEx Field. 

When Tom Brady and Co. ran out of the tunnel for warmups, very loud cheers ensued. Whenever a Patriot found the end zone – which happened four times in their 33-7 victory – very loud cheers followed. 

And in the fourth quarter, once the outcome became clear, Redskins fans departed while visiting supporters stayed for a celebration. It’s not the first time that’s happened in Landover, and judging by the way the Burgundy and Gold are trending, it won’t be the last. 

Bill Belichick certainly noticed the friendly reception. It was impossible not to. 

“It was amazing,” he said. “Surprising and overwhelming. It was great seeing that. We appreciate the support from all our traveling Patriot fans... It was great to see them. That’s awesome.”

Josh Gordon, meanwhile, apparently had to remind himself he wasn’t in Foxboro. 

At this point, it’s almost expected that the Redskins will face at least considerable noise for the opposition when they’re lining up at FedEx Field. Blame whom you want – the players for not producing, the front office for not steering the organization in the right direction or the people who don’t buy tickets – but stop being surprised by it. 

Maybe one day, if the franchise gets back on track, home-field advantage will return. Until then, expect more chants and high-fives from folks in the stands wearing jerseys and hats of the NFL’s 31 other squads. 


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Football is back, and this graphic indicates people have already forgotten about the Redskins

Football is back, and this graphic indicates people have already forgotten about the Redskins

Football is officially back, and everyone is excited. Even in Washington, where the Redskins are as far under the radar as an NFL team can be, it’s a time for optimism and anticipation.

Of course, when starting quarterback Case Keenum says he relishes nobody talking about the Redskins, this graphic probably isn’t what he has in mind.

Yes, that’s a tweet celebrating the return of the NFL into our lives, featuring one star from every team in the league.

At least it would be, if the Redskins were included.

There are 32 teams in the league and 32 players in the photo, but the Falcons received two spots, with both WR Julio Jones and QB Matt Ryan making the list, while no Redskins were to be found.

A lot of teams, like the Redskins, will tell you they prefer not to be talked about in the offseason. There are plenty of cliches every offseason about “letting our play on the field do our talking.”

But this is taking it a little too far.

Ryan Kerrigan and Landon Collins would both be excellent choices, as would Trent Williams in a normal season. The Redskins even employ the greatest running back of this century in Adrian Peterson, who would be a perfect fit. 

With low expectations coming in all directions from both fans and the media alike, it’s easy to look past the Redskins entering this season. But there are still a few stars in the nation’s capital, so we appreciate the opportunity to improve this graphic.

It will be a tall task for the Redskins to prove nearly everyone wrong in 2019, but they’re certainly looking forward to the opportunity as the season kicks off Sunday.

Update: A Fox spokesperson told the Washington Post that the Redskins' omission from the graphic was an "unfortunate mistake." A new one, the spokesperson told the newspaper, who will be released this weekend.


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Charley Casserly: Ereck Flowers isn't going to last at LG

Charley Casserly: Ereck Flowers isn't going to last at LG

The Redskins have experienced their fair share of turmoil when it comes to the left side of their offensive line this offseason. Everyone is familiar with the Trent Williams saga at this point, but if former Redskins GM Charley Casserly is to be believed, changes are coming soon for left guard as well.

“The Redskins are better at left guard now than they were the last couple years,” Casserly admitted on Redskins 100 Thursday afternoon while analyzing how the unit matches up with the Eagles’ vaunted defensive front seven.

But when asked by NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay if he meant with Ereck Flowers, Casserly quickly clarified.

“With Flowers, and with Martin," the longtime executive explained. “Flowers isn’t going to last, now. Martin’s going to be in there. But the Redskins’ weakness has been left guard. The problem is the weakness is now left tackle too.”

Flowers signed a one-year deal with the Redskins for $4 million this past offseason, and was listed as the starter at left guard ahead of Sunday’s opening week kickoff in Philadelphia.

Casserly doesn’t think Flowers is long for the starting role, with rookie Wes Martin impressing in camp. It’s clear the future of the position lies in Martin’s hands, and Casserly sees that future becoming the present sooner rather than later.

Of course, as he points out, the questions surrounding left tackle haven’t been answered yet either. Continuity is important along the offensive line, but regardless of how the Redskins move forward, it looks likely this unit will be defined by chaos in 2019.