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Super Bowl LIV Odds: Who has the best chance to perform at halftime?


Super Bowl LIV Odds: Who has the best chance to perform at halftime?

Super Bowl LIV is way out in front of us, but being that it's in Miami and will mark the year 2020, you get the feeling it's going to be big. 

Say what you want about Maroon 5's performance this year, along with stage guests Travis Scott and Big Boi. There's no way around it: without fail, every year the halftime show is one of the most talked about aspects of the venue and captivates even the non-sports fans who find themselves watching the game. 

That said, below are your way-too-early odds for who you might be able to see performing in Miami come February 2020: 

Pitbull and Flo Rida, both natives of Miami respectively, headline the group. Toronto native Drake and country music band Florida Georgia Line are also in the mix. 

So, buckle up, stay patient and brace yourself for the show within the show that will be the halftime festivities of Super Bowl LIV. 


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Super Bowl Commercials: Our 6 favorite ads from Super Bowl 53

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Super Bowl Commercials: Our 6 favorite ads from Super Bowl 53

Super Bowl Sunday is a time for football, food and of course commercials.

Millions of dollars are dropped each year for 30 seconds or more of precious airtime on what's basically a national holiday. And after Sunday's 13-3 lackluster matchup between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, we were grasping for some sort of entertainment.

Burger King, Pepsi, Doritos, Stella Artois and Sketchers all got in the mix, but here are a few of our favorites. 

NFL: 100-Year Game

The NFL had to follow up their 2018 Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. 'Dirty Dancing' commercial with a star-studded advertisement in 2019. The commercial featured some of the greatest to ever play the game like Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, Deion Sanders, Brian Urlacher and more wreaking havoc at the NFL 100 gala.

Bud Light-Game of Thrones

Worlds collided when Game of Thrones hijacked Bud Light's commercial to promote their upcoming and final season. Our condolences to the Bud Light Knight's family.

Microsoft: We All Win

Microsoft's heartwarming commercial tells the stories of kids with limited mobility and how they continue playing the video games they love with the help of the Xbox Adaptive controller. The ad is likely a follow up on their commercial during the holiday season featuring a child with a disability winning a video game. 

Verizon: First Responders

In this commercial, Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn thinks he's meeting with first responders to share the story of those who saved his life after a car accident in 2005. He's later surprised by finding out that the men and woman he's speaking with are actually the ones who were the first to respond to that 911 call. Grab your tissues. 


T-Mobile killed the Super Bowl commercial game with multiple ads. From the always controversial 'what do you want for dinner' question promoting free taco's on Tuesday's at Taco Bell for T-Mobile users, or when your elderly family member can't quite figure out technology, these commercials made us giggle.

Hyundai: The Elevator

Jason Bateman reminds us there's a lot of worse things we could be doing in our spare time than car shopping in this hilarious elevator ride. 


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‘Extra peppers’: Spice up your Super Bowl snacks with these tips

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‘Extra peppers’: Spice up your Super Bowl snacks with these tips

Vida Ali, chef at the original Ben’s Chili Bowl on U St., offered some crowd-pleasing tips for hosting your own Super Bowl party.

“Chili is one of those things you can’t really go wrong with,” Ali said. “You know what you want it to taste like, so have fun with it.” 

Ali said she makes vegan and veggie chili and chili con carne when she hosts events to make sure everyone has chili that they can eat.

“My advice is to always add extra peppers to whatever you’re making,” Ali said. “I would make sure to have hot peppers. Habanero’s my favorite.”

Ali recommended adding habaneros to guacamole, chili and your hot dog toppings for an extra pop. 

 Along with chili, Ali said that she makes sure guacamole is front and center at every party that she hosts. Her guacamole recipe consists of fresh avocado, tomato, cilantro, onion, garlic, lime juice, salt and -- of course -- habanero peppers.

Ali, however, wasn’t up for publicizing her buffalo wing recipe: “You’ll just have to come to Ben’s for that. That recipe’s a secret.”

What are you making for your Super Bowl party? Let us know on Twitter at @NBCSWashington or in the comments below.