Titans RT Stewart carted off with broken right leg

Titans RT Stewart carted off with broken right leg

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) Tennessee right tackle David Stewart was carted off the field after breaking his right leg on the opening series against the Houston Texans.

Stewart was blocking on a 26-yard running play by Chris Johnson when Texans linebacker Barrett Ruud rolled onto his right leg. Trainers put an air cast on Stewart's lower right leg, while a cart quickly came out to pick him up.

He was taken into the locker room for observation, and officials later announced Stewart had a broken leg. Mike Otto replaced Stewart.

The right tackle had started 103 games since being drafted in 2005.

The Titans had a second offensive lineman hurt in the first half when left guard Steve Hutchinson injured his right knee. He returned briefly in the third quarter when left tackle Michael Roos got hurt and limped off the field before returning on the next series. Titans receiver Damian Williams hurt a hamstring missing a pass as he went out of bounds and collided with a security guard. He limped to the locker room and will not return.

Houston cornerback Brice McCain, starting with Johnathan Joseph out, hurt his left foot in the first half. Officials said in the third quarter he will not return. Tight end Garrett Graham suffered a head injury and also is out.


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Fred Smoot totally convinced me. Let's call this team the Washington Red Wolves

Fred Smoot totally convinced me. Let's call this team the Washington Red Wolves

At first, I was a Red Tails guy. Then, I was sort of a nothing guy. But now, after spending about 30 rambunctious minutes on a Thursday Zoom call with Fred Smoot — who apparently consumed a two gallon jug of 5-hour Energy before joining our Redskins Talk & Friends Facebook show — I've found my pack to run with. 

When the Washington Redskins settle on a new name, that new name needs to be the Washington Red Wolves.


I at first dismissed this specific candidate in this race. To me, it sounded like a fifth grade basketball team or the result of someone pulling out two slips of paper from a hat — one with a color and one with a random animal — and saying, "THIS is the choice."

But Smoot, who has been leading this movement from the start, has officially convinced me. I'm now, at long last, feeling an attachment to one of the many, many suggestions for the franchise's next era. And it's because of all the sweet things that could come from changing the Redskins to the Red Wolves.

Imagine a packed stadium (yes, I know that's hard because of the pandemic and because FedEx Field is a lot of words yet packed is rarely among them, but just work with me here) of fans howling after a huge third down stop. 

Clapping and cheering? Screw those celebrations. Those are so outdated. They're so boring. At Red Wolves home games, people bay at the moon when Chase Young drops Dak Prescott.   

That's where Smoot really hooked me.

Under this potential name, Washington could finally have a real and unique atmosphere again. The stadium could be nicknamed The Wilderness. The Jumobtron will have growling sounds emanating from it constantly. There's truly no such thing as too much growling.

But that's not the only part of his compelling sales pitch.

Think of the uniform and logo potential as well. Think about it!!!

Yes, Redskins supporters will surely miss the look of their favorite team, one that they've gotten used to over decades and decades of Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. But that longing for the past will last all of four seconds when Terry McLaurin comes sprinting out of the tunnel in some threads that look like this...:

...and meets his teammates at a midfield that looks something similar to this: 

Switching to the Red Wolves would also allow some of the key traditions, like the "HTTR" mantra and familiar color scheme, to remain. Even the fight song (with some slight touching up) could stick around.

Plus, it already has the endorsement from one key Redskin in Jonathan Allen. He wouldn't mind referring to the team's digs as The Den (I still think The Wilderness is better, but I'm a blogger and he's an NFL D-tackle, so it's obvious who's winning that one) and, overall, called the idea "fire."

Allen is correct. Smoot is correct. Every Twitter user I initially scoffed at is correct (but I'll keep scoffing at a lot of you regardless). 

For 80-plus years, this area's beloved football team has been the Redskins. It sure feels like that chapter is coming to a close, though.

So, when the new one begins, I hope it centers around the Red Wolves. And I hope it centers around them for 800-plus years, too. Maybe even 8,000.




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Report: FedEx will remove signage from stadium after 2020 NFL season if Redskins don't change name

Report: FedEx will remove signage from stadium after 2020 NFL season if Redskins don't change name

In addition to the public statement FedEx shared on July 2 formally asking the Redskins to change their name, the company also sent a letter to the team saying that if the name was not changed all signage from FedExField will be removed following the 2020 NFL season, The Washington Post's Liz Clarke reported.

FedEx currently holds the naming rights to the stadium and has a deal in place that carries through the 2025 season. Frederick Smith, CEO of FedEx is a minority owner in the Redskins, though he has been reportedly looking to sell his share.

According to Clarke, who spoke with a person familiar with the letter, FedEx stated that the current name would harm the image and reputation of its brand. Additionally, the moniker goes against the company's ideals of being all-inclusive and diverse. Staying with the Redskins would only harm FedEx's reputation and relationship with customers in the future.

Therefore, unless the name is changed, FedEx will no longer have any involvement at Washington's current stadium.


The news is the latest major domino to fall since major requests to change the name came from the likes of FedEx as well as investors in PepsiCo and Nike last week. Since then, PepsiCo has made a statement requesting a name change while Nike has removed all Redskins merchandise from their website.

They are not alone, as AmazonTarget and Walmart, are among the others that have eliminated Washington gear from their online retail shops. 


Washington is currently conducting an internal review of the name, but a change is expected. However, switching a team name is something that generally takes time, meaning there's no guarantee it happens before the 2020 season begins.

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