U.S. Swimmer Questions Phelps' Work Ethic

U.S. Swimmer Questions Phelps' Work Ethic

Peace seems to have been restored between Michael Phelps and Tyler Clary.

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Aaron Wiggins and Darryl Morsell debate Jalen Smith's top moment at Maryland on Instagram

Aaron Wiggins and Darryl Morsell debate Jalen Smith's top moment at Maryland on Instagram

With Jalen Smith declaring for the NBA Draft, his short, but highlight-packed two-year career at the University of Maryland has come to an end.

The departure was expected, and now Maryland fans are left with memories of some magical moments that "Stix" was a part of. On Thursday, the Maryland Basketball Instagram account posted a few photos of Smith during his Terps career, asking followers to comment on what their favorite moment was.

Plenty left answers, but one debate between two users stood out. Aaron Wiggins and Darryl Morsell, teammates with Smith at Maryland, weighed in with what they believed was the best highlight from the All-American.

Wiggins led off suggesting it was Smith's huge double-double in a road win over Northwestern this past season. 

"Northwestern game. He changed the game and our season! 25 and," he wrote.

A perfectly valid answer, Morsell did not agree. The guard felt it was Smith's rim-rocking dunk against Belmont in the Terps NCAA Tournament win over Belmont during the 2018-19 season.

Wiggins came back with the point that Smith's Northwestern game not only included a crazy stat line but featured the big man silencing the crowd and helping Maryland complete a 14-point comeback. 

Persuasive, Morsell wasn't ready to give in, stating that the dunk came in Smith's first-ever NCAA Tournament game and the poster was on a senior. 

The two continued back-and-forth, reminiscing on the two special moments.

In the end, that's exactly what they were. Two special moments that show the strength of Smith's career as a Terp. A double-double in a win that changed the course of the season, and a dunk that earned Smith a spot in "One Shining Moment."

When it comes to the best moment for "Stix" in a Maryland uniform, there is more than one right answer.


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Nationals ranked 10th-most valuable MLB franchise by Forbes

Nationals ranked 10th-most valuable MLB franchise by Forbes

The Washington Nationals are the 10th-most valuable MLB franchise, according to Forbes' annual evaluation of teams.

The Nationals are currently slotted 10th, with a valuation of $1.9 billion, a 9% rise from 2019, when the franchise was valued at $1.8 billion. It appears that even with a World Series pennant, the valuation didn't have that much of an increase. 

1. New York Yankees: $5B
2. Los Angeles Dodgers: $3.4B
3. Boston Red Sox: $3.3B
4. Chicago Cubs: $3.2B
5. San Francisco Giants: $3.1B
6. New York Mets: $2.4B
7. St. Louis Cardinals: $2.2B
8. Philadelphia Phillies: $2B
9. Los Angeles Angels: $1.975B
10. Washington Nationals: $1.9B


Not a bad return on investment for the Lerner family, who bought the team from MLB in 2006 for $450 million.

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