Christmas time is here. 

In the days leading up to December 25th, CSN Mid-Atlantic will be providing you a look at the Christmas past and present of your favorite Capitals players with our "12 Days of Capitals" series.

On the Fifth Day of Capitals, CSN gave to me... five pictures of the very expressive Marcus Johansson.

The pictures we received from the 25-year-old Landskrona, Sweden native are simply amazing.

It is impossible for a person complete their childhood without their parents piling up a treasure trove of goofy or soon-to-be embarrassing photos, and we hit the jackpot with the man we used to call "MJ90" and now simply refer to as "MoJo."

The best part of these photos is the wide variety of expressions "MoJo" has on his face. He may have a stoic appearance on the ice, but as a youngster, he could light up a room with his expressions.

First of all, poor baby Marcus looks terrified of that crazy looking Santa.



But then when he dresses up as Santa, he's as happy as can be!

The Swedish style of vest is super awesome, and Marcus looks especially happy to be wearing one!

Our favorite picture is the look on Johansson's face as he holds this giant gift, and surely there's some amazing hockey gear in that huge box!


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