Christmas time is here. 

In the days leading up to December 25th, CSN Mid-Atlantic will be providing you a look at the Christmas past and present of your favorite Capitals players with our "12 Days of Capitals" series.

On the 10th Day of Capitals, CSN gave to me... a deep dive into the Christmas past and present of some of your favorite Capitals players.

We got a bevy of photos from Christmas past, and now you get to see what some of the top Caps' players were like as kids, from infants to teens, and everywhere in between.


Justin Willams was a smiley little toddler, as one might have been able to predict. 

He looks like he was even a good sport, dressing up with his sister for a play lunch. Is that a necklace and flapper hat he's wearing? 



Today, Williams still flashes that smile while hanging with his family... and he still has that great hair!

Here you can compare Tom Wilson and his family then and now. 

And he also sent us the great picture of him holding the infamous ketchup bottle from HBO's 24/7 Winter Classic series.

As a toddler, Brett Connolly's cheeks were unbelievable! We love his variety of outfits... from bow tie to Christmas pajamas to Fisher Price hockey t-shirt.

Nowadays, Connolly and his fiancee Katrina spend lots of time with their puppy.

Capitals' video Coach Brett "Stretch" Leonhardt and his wife Logan sent us some great pictures of a smiling (and tall!) young Stretch plus their recent photos as a great couple.

Taylor Chorney's wife Haley sent along these adorable photos of the two of them with son Turner, and Taylor as a baby. 

Look how much Turner looks like Taylor as a toddler!

These aren't pictures of Christmas past... but Braden and his wife Brandi sent us a photo of Ben and Bella decorating the tree ... plus their mantle with the tiny stocking in the middle for their tortoise!


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