Christmas time is here. 

In the days leading up to December 25th, CSN Mid-Atlantic will be providing you a look at the Christmas past and present of your favorite Capitals players with our "12 Days of Capitals" series.

On the 9th Day of Capitals, CSN gave to me ... a trip into the Christmas past of John Carlson and a glimpse of his family's Christmas present.

The 26-year-old  Natick, Mass. native has come a long way from his teddy bear sweatshirt and sippy cup to become a successful hockey player and family man with a (very good) dog!

Carlson's Christmas past and present is filled with family, which extends to the animal kingdom because what family is complete without a very good dog?


Back in the day, John took the obligatory Santa picture with his brother, because that's what you do as a youngster at Christmas time.

When he grew up, his wife Gina and their dog get in on the fun!


Do you see the resemblance between a young John and his son Lucca?

Just for fun, here are some more pictures Gina sent us of their beautiful family!


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