Christmas time is here. 

In the days leading up to December 25th, CSN Mid-Atlantic will be providing you a look at the Christmas past and present of your favorite Capitals players with our "12 Days of Capitals" series.

On the fourth Day of Capitals, CSN gave to me... defensive linemates Matt Niskanen and Dmitry Orlov back in the day!


When Matt Niskanen was growing up in Mt. Iron, Minnesota, he was apparently quite mischievous.

Luckily someone caught him in the act of trying to find out what was in the wrapped presents.

The look on Niskanen's face as he sits on Santa's lap is the same look I get today sometimes when he's trying to figure out how to answer my question without telling me it was a terrible question. 


Just kidding, but seriously, he's sneaky physical and quick on the ice, and certainly has that sneaky look on his face in that picture!

Here's Niskanen's defensive partner Dmitry Orlov showing his amazing fashion sense at a young age. Check out the sock game- matching yellow!

Here's Orlov a little younger, yet thoroughly enjoying the Christmas scene while chilling in the stroller.

These next few pictures include Orlov in a holiday play while growing up in Russia. 

The moustache was definitely a foreshadowing of years to come!



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