Andre Burakovsky nearly earns a hockey smile after high-stick hits him in the mouth


If you play hockey long enough, you're bound to lose some teeth. Andre Burakovsky may have earned a hockey smile on Monday.

Burakovsky fell to the ice while skating with the puck in the first period of Monday's game against the Carolina Hurricanes. Defenseman Noah Hanifin tried to sweep check the puck, but his stick connected with the face of the falling Burakovsky.

You can watch the play in the video above.

Burakovsky was bleeding from the mouth and was later seen handing the training staff a folded up piece of gauze so it is likely he lost at least a piece of the tooth.

I wonder that will fetch him from the Tooth Fairy?

UPDATE: Burakovsky won't have anything to put under his pillow after all. In an intermission interview with Al Koken, Burakovsky said he actually did not lose a tooth and just suffered a few cuts in the mouth.

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