Just in case you weren’t sure if Barry Trotz was upset about the Capitals’ Game 7 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins, he made sure to let us all know just how distraught he is.

With only one Stanley Cup champion every season, breakdown day is a tough day for 29 clubs. For a Capitals team that expected to be playing into mid-June, an early May breakdown day was another bitter pill for the players to swallow.

As the final media availability for the season, every player speaks to the media. As player after player was brought out, there were a lot of blank stares and painful sighs. Trotz, however, seemed comparatively upbeat.

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For a team seemingly at a crossroads after watching their self-declared two-year window close, the Caps are now left with a decision to make of what to do going forward. Do they tear it all down and rebuild or try to tinker for perhaps another run?

Trotz stated he felt the team was on the right track, a sentiment that was not shared by most of the players.When asked why he felt more upbeat about the team than the players, well, Trotz didn’t like that question.

“I haven't slept for two friggin' days,” Trotz said. "To say that I don't feel very distraught, that really sort of angers me. Talk to my family, see if I'm distraught.”


“I have to be positive in terms of do I think we're going in the right direction? Yes," Trotz continued. "I'm positive of that, but we haven't broken through. That's why I'm probably the way I am, but I also said we didn't get to where we want to get to. That angers me.

“When something doesn't go your way, you can roll up in a ball and feel sorry for yourself. I don't. I get angry and I'm going to try to fix the problem. I'm going to try to get better because if I don't, then we're not going to get better. That's where I'm at right now.”

Trotz stressed that he wasn’t saying there were not changes that needed to be made and that the team could not simply stay the course, but that the problems holding the Caps back were fixable.

“I get it,” Trotz said. “We're done. We're not playing anymore. We lost outright when we lost Game 7. We need to fix it more. We fixed a lot of things, we're going to fix it. That's my mentality.

“Trust me, I'm not upbeat, I'm determined.”

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