The Caps have a lot of problems with you people, now you're going to hear about it!

Yes, Dec. 23 is Festivus. A Festivus for the rest of us.

For the uninitiated, Festivus is a holiday created from a famous episode of the sitcom "Seinfeld." In it, one of the characters father's creates a new alternative holiday called Festivus. Instead of a Christmas tree, you put up an aluminum pole and you celebrate with the traditional airing of grievances and the feats of strength.

The Caps paid tribute to the holiday on Friday with a Festivus-themed second intermission. Two contestants in sumo outfits were brought to center ice where they held an airing of grievances and feats of strength.

Slapshot was even holding the traditional aluminum pole!

It truly was a Festivus for the rest of us. Happy Festivus everyone!

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