After a 2-0 deficit, the Caps battled back to tie the game at 2 in the second period and had full control of the game...until an offensive zone penalty on John Carlson killed the momentum. The Pittsburgh  Penguins scored the game-winning goal on the resulting power play and that was all she wrote.

But, was the right call made on Carlson?

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The call was whistled for roughing against Scott Wilson. After passing the puck from the blue line, Carlson cut to the middle and skated towards the net. Wilson followed him, but did not see Carlson cut back to the boards. Carlson then cut off Wilson with minor contact, Wilson lost his balance for a moment and flailed his arms and snapped his head back...and it worked. He got the call.

Watch the replay above. It happens fast so here's a look at it for you:

Notice that Carlson never raises his arms at any point. It certainly looks like incidental contact and nothing close to anything that would justify a roughing call.


It's a shame the call was made considering it took away the Caps' momentum and led to the game-winning goal. This penalty was a turning point in the game, but it never should have been called.

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