HERSHEY—Capitals prospect Madison Bowey plans to return to the Hershey Bears’ lineup later this season.

The 21-year-old defenseman suffered a gruesome injury during Wednesday’s game against Syracuse when an opponent’s skate blade sliced into his left ankle. Bowey underwent successful surgery to repair the cut tendon that night in Syracuse.

Although there’s no official timeframe, Bears Coach Troy Mann says he expects the 2013 second rounder to be ready in April. Hershey has seven games that month.

“It was one of those freak accidents,” Bowey told on Saturday. “I was trying to check my opponent, his skate came up and he actually took a stride off my ankle and cut the tendon. It was probably just the force of that push that he had, it was able to cut through the Kevlar socks and also my Bunga pad. It was a shock to most of us.”

Unfortunately for Bowey, the injury and its timing hurts his chances of being recalled to Washington this season. He had been playing well and was on the shortlist of prospects with a solid chance of getting a call-up.


“It's a tough break, for sure,” Bowey said.

Like many other pros, Bowey wears cut resistant Kevlar socks. He also wears Bunga pads on his ankle. But he does not tuck his skate tongue underneath his shin pad, so there was just enough of a gap for his opponent’s skate blade to do some serious damage.


It could have been worse, though.

“If it wasn’t for the Kevlar sock, it would have been right through and he’d be gone six to eight months,” Mann said.

Bowey added: “I’m pretty thankful that it’s just the tendon and that the cut was clean and it was easy for the docs to get in there and get it repaired. So in that sense, I’m pretty lucky that there wasn’t any bone that got hit or any nerve damage.”

Bowey says he has a history of healing faster than other players. And he hopes that will be the case again.

“Probably three months, but I’m a pretty optimistic guy and I heal pretty fast,” he said. “So I’m hoping I can be back earlier than [April] be able to join the guys for a playoff push at the end of the season.”