Trailing by one late in Game 4, the Caps chances for earning the game-tying goal were hampered by a late penalty against T.J. Oshie for a high stick to Nick Bonino.

There was just one problem: Oshie's stick never touched Bonino's face. The stick comes up to the shoulder, Bonino whipped his head back as if he had been shot and the referee, because of his angle, fell for it and called the penalty.

You can see a replay in the video above.

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If watching that play makes you angry, you're not alone. Don Cherry was pretty fired up about it, too.

Cherry, the Canadian TV hockey commentator, usually reserves his ire for Alex Ovechkin. This time, however, he put away his Cold War-era hatred for Russia and instead went after Bonino. 

"We never fake injuries," Cherry said during his Coach's Corner segment on Thursday. "This guy's a faker right from the word go. ... We're Canadians. We don't do it, we wear shirts and ties. We're not soccer players."

Cherry wasn't done. After showing replays of Bonino icing the puck after Holtby had been pulled, Cherry continued his rant.

"He's a rag doll. This guy is not a good hockey player as far as I'm concerned. And this might be a good rally for Washington. We're going to let this guy beat us out?


"I'll tell you one thing kids, you never act like this guy. You never fake an injury. It's not the Canadian way."

Bonino is from Hartford, Conn. Just FYI.

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