If Justin Williams' experience matters, the Capitals will absolutely win Game 7 vs. Penguins


The Capitals and Penguins are officially set to play a Game 7 on Wednesday after Washington's 5-2 Monday night win in Pittsburgh. Now — and this is just a hunch, of course — that contest should draw a decent crowd at Verizon Center and at least a few people figure to tune in on TV as well.

Until the puck drops, the question you'll hear over and over again is, "Who's going to win?" And you'll hear a lot of arguments from each side explaining why one or the other will come out on top.

But, in reality, there is only one argument you should really listen to. It's a very simple one, too. Basically, the logic is this: The Capitals have Justin Williams, Justin Williams doesn't lose Game 7s, so, therefore, the Capitals will not lose this particular Game 7.

Here are the numbers to back it up:

So, unless the Penguins can figure out a way to trade for Williams (which is impossible because of this thing called the trade deadline) or clone Williams (the logistics of that also seem to be a bit complicated), then their chances of advancing are already looking quite slim.