Professional atheltes are some of the biggest competitiors around so you know it must hurt when one of them has to accept defeat. Yet, Justin Willimas was forced to do just that.

In November, the Caps held a fan vote to determine the bobblehead for the team giveaway this year. The choices were incredible.

Braden Holtby won the vote and his bobblehead will go to fans on Tuesday in the team's home game against the Calgary Flames.

With the giveaway date nearing, Justin Williams gave a concession speech in which he congratulated Holtby, or at least, he congratulated the bobblehead.

That must have been a tough day for Williams.

On a personal level, it was also a tough day for me. His was clearly, clearly the best bobblehead and I was stunned he lost. I mean, come on, look at that hair!

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