The newest NHL team has a name. On Tuesday it was revealed the new NHL expansion team of Las Vegas will be called the Vegas Golden Knights.

The name was revealed in a public ceremony outside T-Mobile Arena. It was believed heading into Tuesday's event that the name would be one of three choices: The Golden Knights, the Black Knights or the Desert Knights. As a graduate of West Point, it was well known that owner Bill Foley wanted to incorporate "Knights" into the name in tribute to the mascot of his alma mater, The Black Knights.

"We selected 'Knights' because knights are the defenders of the realm and protect those who cannot defend themselves," Foley said. "They are the elite warrior class."

According to the team's website, their colors will be steel grey, gold, red and black:

Steel grey represents strength and durability

Nevada is the largest producer of gold in the United States, it is a highly-valued precious metal and is a color seen in the Las Vegas terrain

 Red is from the Vegas skyline, the desert and the beauty of the Red Rock canyons; red is also a color associated with the readiness to serve

Black represents power and intensity

The new team will begin play in the 2017-18 season. The roster will be constructed through an expansion draft in June and through free agency.