NHL Power Rankings: Here we go again


There's no real secret as to who tops the Power Rankings this week. Everything is coming up Caps right now. Washington isn't just winning, they're crushing teams.

The Caps have won nine straight, have four shutouts in their past six games and have scored at least five goals in their last three. That's a level of domination we rarely see.

And of course, fans are terrified.


Caps fans don't see regular season success as something to celebrate anymore. That's understandable given the team's history. You would like to think this time it's different, but until we see it in the spring, it won't matter.

All of that makes sense. What doesn't make sense is when fans believe it's a bad thing the team is playing so well.

There's no downside to playing well. None.  And if you are worried about a team "peaking too soon," there's no way to manufacture that. If it were as simple as just planning to peak at the right time, all teams would plan to peak in the spring. Playing well in January obviously doesn't mean the team is going to be dominant in the spring, but it also doesn't mean that they won't.

I know, I know.

We've seen this before where the team looks like the best team in the NHL in the regular season and then they don't win when it counts. I get it, but to act like it's a bad ting for this team to look good is pretty silly. If given the choice between beating the Flyers 5-0 or losing to Carolina 5-1, which would you prefer?


So, obviously the Capitals are at the top, but where do the rest of the NHL teams fall. CLICK HERE: Find out here in this week's NHL Power Rankings.