NHL Power Rankings: Just a slump or is it time to panic?


At the end of November in 2015, the Caps were enjoying a five-game winning streak and everything looked like it was going their way. That hasn't been the case this season as Washington is now sputtering with a three-game losing streak.

Is it time to panic? Are the Caps not as good as we thought they were?

It's too soon to tell. Every team in the NHL goes through slumps in a long 82-game season. Let's not forget, everyone was ready to panic in October after seeing Washington lose two consecutive games in regulation, but the team responded with five straight wins.


This slump, however, is more troubling given that it came against the Maple Leafs, Islanders and Lightning, all teams who have struggled of late. The Caps have also managed just three goals in those three games.

Given the roster this team has, it's not time to do anything rash. Offense has been the biggest problem and this team is loaded with offensive talent. They will get time to play this out.

But Barry Trotz and Brian MacLellan also can't allow this to continue much longer. Jakub Vrana and Paul Carey are already getting playing time after getting called up from Hershey. If Washington doesn't turn things around soon, more changes will be coming.

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