Saturday’s Game 2 loss felt like the end for the Caps. It may well be, but there is still some hockey left to play. The Pittsburgh Penguins came into Washington and took two games and now the Caps will look to return the favor starting with Game 3 on Monday.

That’s a tall task to be sure, but it’s not an impossible one.


The important thing to remember is that it’s just 2-0. Yes, the Caps must win four the last five games against the defending Stanley Cup champs and three of those five games will be in Pittsburgh. No one is saying it will be easy or even probable. But it’s not over either.

What will happen this offseason should the Caps lose, who will stay and who will go and the ultimate direction this franchise should go in will be a discussion for when the season does end. Not now.

For now, there’s still some hockey left to play. Let’s worry about that first.

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