The Caps saw their losing streak extend to four games on Sunday with a 5-2 loss to the Anaheim Ducks.

Here's a recap of the three bold predictions for the game.

1. The Caps will score first - Wrong

I was wrong on this one three times over. After a scoreless first, Anaheim scored three times in the second to take a 3-0 lead and take control of what had been a close game.

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2. There will be a fight - Just let them fight!

It looked like I was going to be right as Tom Wilson dropped the gloves in the first period, but the refs stepped in before he could start wailing on Ryan Kesler. Becasue of that, I'm taking a half point. Maybe Wilson dropped the gloves prematurely, but knowing the kind of agitator Kesler is, it wouldn't be surprising if he told Wilson, "Let's go" and then waited in an attempt to draw the penalty.

3. John Carlson will get an assist - Wrong

Carlson did me one better with a goal instead of an assist. I really should have said that he would get a point rather than an assist. I am tempted to give myself a half point on this, but there's a pretty significant difference between a goal and an assist so I will let it go.


2017 Results: I am as cold as the Caps are at this point.

Correct: 31
Wrong: 54.5
Push: 3

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